strategically placed overlooks help this not to be just a drive through forested mountaintop. The views are stunning

the skyline drive I like to call the Little blue ridge parkway as the blue ridge parkway this is simply a 10 * adventure. in 2017 I spent two weeks driving every inch of the skyline drive venturing on and off the scenic drive and for not one moment was I wondering what I was going to do next. having over 75 overlooks and 500 miles of trails with the whole shenendehowa park at your fingertips that has over 300 registered historical places within the park. making this a hiker's Disneyland.

Yep, I drove it

Drove this too

Beautiful drive. Drive the speed limit or lower- there’s wildlife aplenty. When I went early one morning, I came up scores of squirrels camping out in the middle of the road. Luckily they scampered away as I came up to them, but it was still startling. I’ve seen deer, rabbits, groundhogs, an opossum, and once a baby bear, crossing or near the road. Also, be wary of bikers, especially when passing them. Sunset drives are amazing.

we drove through this entire skyline drive with our dog. It was a beautiful day and views were really good. will come back and do it again.

This is such a beautiful drive. The scenes are just magnificent. Its extra beautiful during the fall with all the leaves changing.

Views were hit and miss over the holiday weekend with the storms, ..but where they were there, very hard to beat anywhere on the east coast.

Tryin to decide north to sout or visa a versa ?? Any comments

Great all year...there is always something to see and in the winter you don't have to go far from the road to see frozen water falls. Great day trip with the little ones!

Scenic and serene. This drive does not disappoint! I came over the holiday weekend when the entrance was free. This was definitely worth the trip with well maintained roads and beautiful outlooks if you want to stretch your legs. I recommend this drive to anyone who isn't afraid of mountains. I will definitely be back again!

My buddy and I took a long weekend and tackled this section of the AT as our first trip. A good amount of diversity among the trail, some awesome views, and a great first hike. Highly recommend!

Tackled this section with two friends this past Summer. It was my first intro to the AT and I caught the hiking bug. Came back with some really great stories and desire to do more section hiking in the future.

Beautiful drive any time of year through Shenandoah. Even more so in the fall when the leaves change color. A must-do drive if you live in the area.

New to backpacking, picked this trail section because you had some getting off spots if needed, and we did. Total fail of rain gear and a tumble on slippery down hill sent us to a hostel for the second night of our trip. This is a serious up hill trail. But we will be back. It was so awesome to stand on top of calf mountain.

I have been lucky enough to experience this drive 4 times...I will never tire of it. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Beautiful views!

Beautiful part of Virginia. Crosses over Skyline Drive in several places making for easy access. Difficulty is moderate to easy.

Drove the entire length stopping at 69 of the 70 overlooks then returned to Waynesboro, VA by way of the Shenandoah Valley. Both directions were beautiful from the top of the ridge to the valley floor. Great views looking down and up.

The only problem with writing about Skyline Drive is that I will get crazy for it and head up this week. I better call ahead because they close for weather sometimes.

We are here more than any other drive. I love Skyline Drive.

We have driven this several times. I still never tire of the views.

I know it can be done in a day, but I got a room and made it a two day ride. There are beautiful farms and mountain views along the way. I only have a mountain bike, so that added to the workload.

Favorite park around. Drive is gorgeous. Trails are great and something for everyone. Get ready to see some bear

Beautiful views of the Appalachians. I nice way to start a day trip.

A very scenic drive for nearly the entire length. I certainly recommend spending multiple days, enjoying the overlooks and exploring the many trails. Be certain to enter the park with a full tank of gas, so you need not worry.

Beautiful drive and overlooks. We have hiked some of the trails off of here. Great for meteor showers too. Busy during "Leaf Peeping Season" but the colors are always wonderful.

Fri Feb 21 2014

I went from Black Rock Gap to Pine Gap (AT shelter there), approximately 15 miles. It was hilly in a couple places, but nothing major. The trail went through vegetation tunnels and we saw bear scat, but didn't run into any bears. There were numerous places to stop and enjoy the view which really helped the enjoyment factor. About halfway, there is a stream with a good water supply. Since it crosses Skyline Drive several times, you never feel like you're too far away from civilization - but all the places were closed. Since we went off season, we only saw two other people on the trail. Nice!

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