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My dogs and I walked down to the water falls are many days of rain, It was more impressive than I expected. Best think to see it after some rain. A nice walk in the rain,

Great hike. Beautiful falls. Started at upper Whiteoak on Skyline Drive and hiked all the way down to lower Whiteoak. Like most trails in this park not clearly labeled, and easy to venture off onto other trails. If you do both sets of Whiteoak Canyon trails (upper & lower), give yourself time to hike back before dusk... tougher trek back. And it is about a 50 minute drive from the lower parking lot back up to the upper (Skyline) parking lot.

15 days ago

This was absolutely beautiful and the views were amazing. It was overcast but so humid. A lot of rock steps- which had moss.

Great views and waterfalls here!

Was a good challenge for someone who is not a seasoned joker and slightly out of shape. Little foot traffic which was nice. Cool temperatures as it is mostly shaded. The river and small waterfalls were very pretty. Saw deer but no bear. We did get lost (did not see the trail marker) and ended up doing an additional mile down and back up a very steep climb. Also gets a little confusing when you get to the tourist/camp area. Lots of rocks and narrow paths, highly recommend wearing good hiking boots!! Also, look at the elevation...we started with the uphill climb for the first two miles or so, steady and a good “warm up”. Downhill was hard on my knees as it was fairly steep. There were quite a few spots where we had to climb up again and those required some stops/rests.

1 month ago

Took the trail down to the fall. It's easy and not too long, but don't underestimate the uphill climb on the way back.

Not much to see on the falls. You can climb down some rocks next to the water. If you want a really short hike with some water, it's worth doing.

We walked past the fall on the fire road another mile, and that was very steep at points, which made the return a decent workout.

Best swimming hole hike in Virginia. Lots of places to cool off in the water along this trail. Summer time favorite. I guess news has spread because its definitely become more crowded over the years.

1 month ago

Ok, didn't actually hike this trail. Went up to Skyline Dr. in order to find this trail. One of the other posts said the trailhead was out of Big Meadows. (You lose cell reception at that high elevation, so I didn't trust my phone app to take me there) We went to the Big Meadows visitor center to inquire about the location of the trail and was promptly asked, "Why would you want to go there.". They rangers said there was nothing there. Definitely no lookout like the picture caption indicates. We were directed to Rose River Trail which had no scenic overlooks but was filled with beauty, pools of water, waterfalls, jutting rocks etc...Had a really nice day.

This is not the best way to do this hike. The best way is to do a loop hike from Skyline Drive. Start at the Hawksbill Gap Parking area (Milepost 45.6) and start down the Cedar Run Trail to the Whiteoak-Cedar Run Link Trail and up the Whiteoak Canyon Trail until you reach the Whiteoak Canyon Fire Road. Follow the fire trail back to your car. You will see 2 waterfalls on the Cedar Run Trail and 6 waterfalls on the Whiteoak Canyon Trail. This is a 7.3 strenuous loop with 2794' elevation change.

The Dark Hollow Falls Trail is NOT a dog friendly trail. Also, if you are looking for a 5.1 mile difficult trail, there are many other more exciting trails then this out and back. With that said, it is totally worth going to Dark Hollow Falls (without your dog) as a 1.4 mile out and back from the Dark Hollow Falls Parking Area (Milepost 50.5) or as a 4.4 mile Rose River Loop Trail starting at Fishers Gap Overlook (Milepost 49.4).

This hike does not allow dogs on Dark Hollow Falls.

Great trail. Not a difficult hike to the falls since it’s downhill but the hike back up can be absolutely exhausting! I like the loop with Cedar Run for the full experience.

I hiked this trail with my kids (9 and 14) and my mom (65). It was a quick, easy walk to the waterfall along the gravel fire road and the waterfall was gorgeous (early April). You actually stand at the top of the waterfall and look down. More adventurous hikers can climb down a bit to get a great close up view of the falls and it makes for a great photo opportunity. The uphill walk back up was not fun but worth it for a quick view of the falls. We turned around at the falls but you could keep going. Other than the falls, the hike is pretty boring, not any good views or unique terrain, this is the only reason I rated a 3 instead of higher.

Great hike!

trail running
3 months ago

I ran this trail on a 75 degree day in February; that alone could have made it a great experience. Coupled with this was one of the best waterfalls I’ve seen in Shenandoah- about a mile into the trail.

Otherwise, it should be noted that I was mislead by the picture of the knob tagged with this trail. If you’re seeking a hike that will end with a view such as this, look past Stoney Mountain.

The trail the app took us on was extremely challenging by horseback - borderline dangerous. Thank goodness we had good horses! Wouldn’t recommend riding in the wintertime as the trail was frozen solid at the highest points of the path. Several really slippery, rocky, mountainous areas where we dismounted & lead our horses. No doubt a beautiful hike but wouldn’t recommend for horses.

very challenging...goes from easy to strenuous. pay attention to trail markings, signs, and the trails itself. very beautiful. wear hiking shoes. lower falls is more scenic than starting at upper falls.

Super pretty hike

Hard but beautiful. Recommended to do it during fall season.

Beautiful falls worth the effort. Regular hiking shoes will do, not too slippery.

My friends and I took a short hike to see two waterfalls. We loved the crisp air and the smell of nature. The trail was maintained and somewhat marked. The path was narrow and had lots of rocks that stuck out and fallen leaves. As a result, it was a bit slippery. It's easy to fall off the trail.

It is suggested to wear hiking boots or shoes with good traction, bug spray for nets, carry a stick to fight off the rattlesnakes, and use hiking poles to climb the steep trails.

The overlooks were gorgeous and the view at the second waterfall was beautiful. The waterfalls themselves weren’t as impressive. The river that runs through the trail was almost dried up when we hiked in mid October.

There is a very small (easy to miss) parking lot near mile 9 on Skyline Drive with minimal signage. The whole hike is on a fire road, so less scenic than other hikes in the park. It’s out and back (downhill on the way in and uphill on the way back). When we hiked this it was a nice leg stretch after a long drive, but the hike ends at a very small stream with a very small trickling cascade (not what you may think when you hear waterfall). It might be a better hike after a lot of rain. Walk is shaded and easy to do in sneakers.

Very rewarding to hike up to the upper falls. Definite strenuous, but very much worth it especially since you can take a swim in the falls to cool off when you get back down to the bottom.

Beautiful hike on a well maintained trail.

7 months ago

This is a fantastic hike. I would recommend hiking up to White Oak Trail from the parking lot down below. There is a $20 fee to park there, and you should arrive early parking fills up fast. Beautiful views, a steep hike up to Skyland or the parking lot on skyline Drive. Make sure you bring some swimming gear or shorts there are some areas where you can bathe in the waterfalls.

Absolutely beautiful. Very easy trail, well marked. Only 1 overlook but the landscape along the way was stunning with the fall leaf colors. By far one of my favorites

will def do this again!

The hike was not bad at all. Might seem long. The hike back was harder but worth it. Our group had 3 younger boys 8, 9 and 10 year olds and they did great. Had a blast.

8 months ago

This trail is beautiful! We came through the lower parking lot. I would say this trail is moderate, there was some uphill and downhill parts and a lot of rocky areas but it was worth the hike after seeing the beautiful waterfalls. We stopped at the waterfalls on the lower part of trail and went back down. Im hoping to come back soon and do the upper part of the trail.

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