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Great quick down and up, did with kids ages 2, 5, 7, and 12. A little slick in a couple spots but nothing our crew couldn’t handle and well worth it.

Amazing hiking with good rock climbing

This hike was just fantastic. I’m pooped.

Pro tip - show up early or go on a weekday. I was stopped a couple times by crowds at narrow passthrough sections. Definitely worth taking the day off for this one

So worth it!!

Absolutely loved this challenging hike! Did after it 5 days of rain thank gosh that sun was shining and were able to grip boulders to climb. Not gonna lie landed on my tail once. Overall amazing workout, views and enjoyment!! Not for novices.

Beautiful falls!! Good air. Worth it!

Had a great time on this trail!

Intense hike that will have you scaling boulders.... and crawling on hands and knees at times. The view at the top was pretty magnificent though...

Fantastic hike, this is not a hike if you are not somewhat fit - the rock scrambling can be difficult, lifting your body weight and sliding between rocks. I suggest bringing gloves for the rock scramble, as the granite can eventually start to hurt your palms. Views are worth the climb! IF you are unsure about doing the rock scramble, you can always take the fire road up to the top, it's a lot easier than the switchbacks and rock scramble.

Good hike! A lot of rocks to climb

This is an absolutely amazing, challenging hike! Not for the weak in heart!

So far the hardest trail I’ve hiked, but so worth it! The views are incredible!
It was a bit muddy and wet; but teamwork got my family and I through.

This was my first real hike! Before, it had pretty much been all flat trails or minimal elevations and definitely not as long. Needless to say, this one kicked my tail. I've since been back and faired a lot better and as of now Old Rag is by far my favorite hike.

The trail is listed at 9 miles but you can probably add another mile on each end since you have to walk to the trailhead from the parking lot. I also recommend heading up clockwise and doing the scramble on the way up as opposed to doing the opposite. The first half of the climb is mainly elevations, obviously, and switchbacks. Just when it gets pretty exhausting, you come up on the rock scramble and for the most part switch from using your legs to a mixture of upper body which gives you a nice break from exhausted legs. The summit is beautiful and well worth waiting for to take your lunch break and enjoy the views. The hike down can be a bit rocky and fast-paced. Eventually you'll get to a long flat road that makes up a majority of your walk back to the parking lot if not more than half. I think right many people actually take this way up and back to avoid the rock scramble. Personally, I think it's worth doing the scramble so you can get the most out of Old Rag. It's definitely a challenge and well worth the hard rating.

- 3 of 4 liters of water.
- Snack food and/or lunch.
- Hiking boots with ankle protection as opposed to low tops, mainly due to the quick pace of the hike downhill and the rocky terrain. Waterproofing isn't much of a need on this hike.
- I also suggest leaving your "paid for" walking stick and maybe just taking up a makeshift stick for your initial climb. Once you get to the rock scramble it's kind of in your way and annoying, so you could throw it away at that point.

This was probably the best ones I’ve been to in awhile. It is taxing on you so be prepared to take breaks as you go. A few downed trees were in our path due to a storm we had had there recently, but it wasn’t a big deal as we went through it.

3/5 stars for the terrible crowds if you go on a weekend.

10/5 stars if you hike up in the dark and watch the sunrise. We've hiked up Old Rag a few times at night to watch meteor showers and catch epic sunrises. The trail up to the ridge is easy to follow with a headlamp. If you aren't comfortable scrambling in the dark, the first overlook is easy to get to. Nothing beats an Old Rag sunrise in the fall!

One caution: if you hike up in the dark during the summer, you WILL see snakes. They are only active at night when it's cool, and you will see a lot of them.

Quick fun hike

this trail is not for the faint of heart. but this trail also has the most amazing views of the gorgeous Shenandoah. prepare for some bouldering near the top of the trail.

A wonderful, fun hike.

Awesome hike

This hike is pretty difficult but nothing crazy imo, a little rock scrambling here and there, but to be named the most dangerous hike in VA, now that's crazy! But then again I haven't hiked much in VA and this hike is probably the hardest day hike in the Shenandoah, I'll give it that. It is a great hike with plenty of views of rolling mountains. Parking fills up fast, I went in December which is off season and the parking lot was still full, so as you can imagine this hike gets crowded! So if possible go on a weekday and enjoy the amazing views!

25 days ago

Super easy and nice hike! Not very scenic on the way though... but the view from the summit totally worth it!

the majority of the trail is a moderately inclined hike but the bouldering field will be the true test for anyone taking on old rag. Be prepared for a strenuous and long bouldering session after a few miles of good hiking. give yourself an honest evaluation of your physical ability before attempting this trail. not doing so could put you and rescue personnel in harms way.

28 days ago

This was a fun hike. The bouldering before Old Rag was fun. We had packs so it was hard in some areas to fit through the rocks, but it would’ve definitely been more enjoyable without a larger pack. The rock scramble took a while, so plan for that. The rest of the hiking is easy. The first 0.8 mile is a road, which kinda stinks especially at the end when your feet hurt.

My first hike. This was amazing. Definitely challenging but well worth every sore muscle and bruised knee.

Great easy trail with amazing views at the top!

Incredible trail. Can be done by novice hikers, but be prepared for a very long, tiring walk. Bring plenty of water and snacks. Fantastic views and great sense of accomplishment when you’re finished.

Done this a dozen times. It never gets old.

Great for little people. My 4 year old does this with no trouble. Nice rock scramble and great views.

Short and easy hike with a stunning view at the end. Just as we made it to the summit, the clouds started to disappear and we were treated to the view of fog rolling between bright yellow-red trees in the valley below.
If you have a few minutes to spare and are in the area, give this short walk a shot!

28 days ago

If I wrote that the Cedar Run and Oak Canyon hike didn't feel like it was very hard, I wouldn't rate this one above "easy." There is a bit of a hill, but the distance is very short and you're down by the falls before you know it. The Falls themselves are nice but not any more impressive than those that you would see along the White Oak Canyon. I guess it's worth stopping if you're driving by and have half an hour to spare, but if you have the time, go on one of the longer hikes around.

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