Photos of Shenandoah National Park Bird Watching Trails

1 day ago

I personally do this hike under moon-light. Whenever the forecast is for clear skies and at least a half of a moon phase, this makes for a peaceful hike. I arrive at the trail head anywhere from 1200AM—100AM. I time my hike to arrive back at the lower parking lot no later than 0700AM, when it starts to get busy. Hiking Old Rag at night has several advantages, no crowds and a calming silence as you hike. You will find that your senses will become more in tuned to any sounds or sights. I never had any problems, I hike with a headlamp that is 900 lumens, which is enough to see well ahead and to the sides of myself. I would recommend to at least give it a try, hiking by moonlight. I go by myself, however I don’t live that far from Old Rag so I’m very familiar with the trail. I would recommend going with someone on your first try as the rock scramble at night is more technical in nature than day time.

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