We did this after Jones Run Falls, it was a short and sweet finisher. Unfortunately it was super foggy so we couldn’t see the view, I definitely want to go back to see the view. The rocks were still beautiful!

We hiked this on a very foggy and cloudy day so we missed all the overlooks. We deviated from the trail recording a bit to follow the signs we saw while hiking. It just added a little bit of distance to our hike. Not super strenuous but it was long. We did this hike clockwise like others mentioned. Not many people on this trail.

Nice trail, 1 overlook. We completed it at a brisk pace (about 2 hours). We saw deer and snakes. Watch for ticks, we found a few on us after we left.

Hiked this with my 2 year old dog. When the weather is warm expect a lot of bugs! The trail is all up hill to begin, with a lot of rocks. The view at the summit is very nice. Bring bug spray

Both very easy trails for Stony Man and Little Stony Man loops. Gorgeous view. Trail is rocky as the name suggests. Overall a great trails. I’m giving 4 starts because the AllTrails map leads to to continue to the Appalachian trail at some point and directs you to follow a path that isn’t there. So I had to back track and find my way.

My 14-year old son and I hiked this trail on 23 May, the first day that SNP reopened following the COVID-19 closure. This is a great, moderate difficulty trail. We saw some beautiful butterflies at the bottom, around miles 4 and 5. There must have been over 100 butterflies! We arrived at the park at about 7:45 am, which was 15 minutes before the official opening. After waiting in car queue for about 10 minutes, we got right in (thanks to the annual military national park pass! We were the first vehicle at the Elkwood parking lot. We were aiming for a 15 mile hike to help with my son's boyscout hiking merit badge, so we decided to go clockwise in the envent we needed to add a few miles at the end. We had a great time! The Jeremy's Run crossings were the best part of the hike, as we pondered how to best cross without getting our feet too wet. We misstepped on a couple rocks here and there, which resulted in us taking our boots off, ringing out our socks, and carrying on. The climb during miles 6-9 up the Knob Hill trail was demanding, but great exercise!

We LOVED little stony man trail! It’s considered moderate but this one wasn’t much harder than stony man. We hiked this late February and the trail conditions weren’t bad. There was a bit of ice at some parts but it was easy to get around them. Since it was pretty cold there weren’t many people around. Sort of rocky at times but nothing too bad. The view points are gorgeous!

Great views and easy to get to them! We hiked this late February and the trail conditions weren’t bad. It was a little icy at some parts but easy to get around.

Great trail with a beautiful view at the top

Extremely easy/short trail with a great view. Went on an overcast day, so the view was obstructed by fog, but it was still really enjoyable. Trail was easy to follow, and I saw a black bear on the hike back.

Some incline but otherwise not too difficult. The trail is wooded but that’s about it as far as sights until the end where you get an excellent view at the top.

Trail closed for Covid 19

Not a whole lot to see, but it's an easy hike!

Awesome Trail if you’re looking for a good short hike to stretch your legs. I went in March so there was still a few patches of ice on the trail but nothing that wasn’t manageable. Killer views at the top and great little over looks along the way- would definitely recommend!

Did this as a trail run. Easy to follow route with some good scenery and elevation gain. Trayfoot mountain isn’t actually that impressive, it’s got tons of trees at the top so you don’t have that great of a view; for views, keep hiking on the trail to Black Rock Gap. If I were hiking this I’d probably want to do something different for the amount of time it would take and the elevation you have to gain. However, if you want solitude and nature, this is a great option.

Trail conditions were great when I hiked this path in the first week of July(5th) 2019.

great hike many views and tons of strange deer. can someone confirm the miles in this section. I've been getting mixed numbers. what I added up doesn't equal 128. more like 110 ish.

Glad to say this trail head is still open. Gorgeous views at several spots. Summit is extraordinarily windy on a windy day. Sun hits along most of the trail in the morning. Takes only about an hour to get to the summit at an average pace.

Lucy's 1st 3mile+ hike. She will sleep well tonight!

Riprap is open and is a great trail to hike during the pandemic. it was in good shape with some lovely views and a nice stream.

This is steady grade. Definitely a good trail to run. Nice view. Would do again.

Great quick segment to a beautiful view. I would park on the grass then walk to trail. also take the trail about .2 miles further for a way better view.

Completed this trail today, seems to be one of the few still open to the public. This hike is everything I could have hoped for and more. It was pretty much all incline with beautiful views of the blue ridge along the way. The summit is definitely the best part and well worth the climb.

I love this trail for a quick calorie burn and beautiful view. I continued past the vista to add some mileage.

Nice loop, gentle up and down. Nice views this time of year.. we started from the end of Jarmans Gap road. 10.3 miles.. 4.5 hours with a few breaks.

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