I like to call this my "boot testing" trail. Just long enough with enough variation in terrain and water crossings to give a new pair of boots a good test without the risk of being four miles up a mountain with enormous blisters, questioning your life choices.Great trail for families, easy enough for kids to go up without getting discouraged, varried enough to keep them interested. That being said, there are several water crossings, and depending on the time of year they can be a little tricky, late summer/fall usually isn't too bad. The trail is fairly clear, as it is a moderately heavy use trail. However, when you get down by the crossings there are often several choices to get across. Look at all of the options, then cross at the safest, as it will vary with the water level.

1 month ago

Watch out for The copperheads :)

2 months ago

This would have been a great trial if it had been marked. We got off the track several times and it was very scary because it was unsafe and hard to find the REAL path again.

Nothing less of amazing

Great hike. My friends and I lost the trail going up to the falls and just walked upwards through the stream but found the trail on the way back. Wear sturdy shoes that can get wet. You'll probably be jumping from stone to stone in the stream.

I did it years ago and it was great. Does anyone know of a place to camp near this trail?

The further you get, the harder the trail is to follow. Just keep crossing the river and going until you get to the falls! So worth it! I don't know why "swimming" isn't an option for an activity on here, but there's at least 2 great spots to swim.

This was fun! A little sticky in some spots if you're traveling with a dog, but with two people you can hoist said dog through the tight squeezes. The waterfall at the end is totally worth it. Only saw about two spots to set camp up at. Nothing too private unless you really got off the trail. A good amount of traffic in the summer on the weekend, but nothing that impeded on our ability to experience the waterfall in private for about 10 minutes. Make sure you bring your bathing suit so you can jump off the waterfall! If you're looking directly at the falls the area for jumping is to the right. Enjoy!

4 months ago