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I'm not sure how to rate this exactly because the westernmost 1/3 of the AllTrails route is paved streets and private property. We took Google maps to the start point and it is quite literally in front of someone's house in a very wealthy private neighborhood. Uncomfortably, we tried to drive some of the route to find a better spot to park but no luck. The AllTrails map on this is just not right.

Nice easy hike. Saw a doe and its 2 fawns. The great falls overlook was amazing.

1 month ago

I hiked this loop to survey it for trail running. After pressing the record button to begin trekking, I went to the visitors center, took some pics, hit the restroom, watered up, and then began on the actual trail (about 25 mins after pressing record) -- a totally laid back hike. However, to my surprise, I discovered that this course is quite the special course for runners...a gem! It is perfect for dual runners; those who run trail races and road races. It has path, single track, double track, and asphalt roads with climbs -- all in one course. Some trail races have road elements, making this a good training course for such events. This course may not be appealing to pure roadies, as there are some "thorny", "rocky", and "marshy" segments. If you like running regardless of terrain, follow the tracks to a tee, you will enjoy this adventurous loop!

The actual distance is about 7.4 miles, and the route can be easily made into a 15K course. I took a ton of pictures along the way, ambulating back and forth in some areas, extending the distance to beyond 8 miles -- again, this was a laid back hike for me. As for hiking, course rating is easy to moderate IMO; however, running the loop end to end is clearly beyond moderate. I personally consider it challenging and a bit hard as a trail running course. The climb on the trail at the end is a hilly leg burner!

My only quibble is that part of the course -- about 1/3 of a mile -- is marked on private road. If you were to ask, "am I covered?", let's just say that if a dog ran up and bit you while on the private road, one cannot say surely that you're covered or not, since technically you could be considered trespassing. However, this segment is relatively short and actually quite peaceful.

All in all, hikers and runners will both enjoy this spectacular loop! Notice that I unknowingly pressed stop for about 100 meters, I was taking pictures (see the upload of my recorded track). Other than that, it is straightaway. Follow my trek, or the one originally uploaded, for an awesome loop adventure.

1 month ago

Amazing views! Excellent trails and the waterfall was a nice ending, just marvelously done!! GO!

2 months ago

Beautiful day. Busy as it was Easter Sunday. Nice trail. Wear appropriate shoes! Dogs enjoyed it as well.

Definitely easy and flat for the first part but has some moderate climbs in the second half. A great little trail with some nice views of a quieter part of the Potomac