Nice walk to do with your four legged friend.

Not bad, don't expect to rack up many miles. Tried to find trail all the way to the lake to the NE, but it became hard to follow and I had to stop due to water/swamp. The portions closer to picnic area are nice, dry, and well marked, with occasional sitting spots (benches) in the woods. Be aware that there is some deer hunting activity going on back there. I saw the typical signs, and I believe a few people are allowed to archery hunt there legally.

I took my prom pictures here, in their cozy little Japanese garden. Also, this is no trail, just a large area for sports rec.

8 months ago

Beautiful hiking trails and very easy on our two year old daughter to walk. We loved hearing the birds and we were alone on the trails. Nice playground but REALLY needs to be cleaned and updated.

8 months ago

Very pretty little park but people need to read the signs. Says no dogs and saw someone with a dog. We saw beautiful koi, though their pond needs to be redone, and a cute turtle. Flowers were beautiful!

trail running
10 months ago

It was an easy run.

Nice trail when it's dry. Summer heat brings lots of mosquitoes from the river.

Nice and easy 2.5 mile loop trail around this beautiful park. The Japanese garden is a perfect spot for photo shoots, the woodland trail is well groomed and the river section is sure to have water fowl and sometimes otters and beavers.

3 years ago

This is a really beautiful garden and trails. It was all beautiful and tranquil but I liked the aroma garden best.

The front section of Red Wing Park Gardens is beautiful! It might not be Norfolk Botanical Gardens, but then it is free. The local garden clubs maintain the gardens. I really loved the wooded trails in this section.