Most of the trail is a real quiet escape from the city.

Easy trail but too many younger just hanging around in the trail, in my opinion safety could be an issue. I hope l am wrong and was just that day that I visited the trail.

Nice trail. Some parts of the trail are more moderate than easy. Nice wooded trails. Great view at waters edge. Loved it.

trail running
4 months ago

The trail is very flat. It travels along the river. It's very hard for anyone to get lost.

A few mikes into the trail, it takes you next to the golf course.

The only issue is that the bridge (beneath Rt. 7) that connects the parking lot to the trail head no longer exist. Cross the river using Rt. 7 and find the trailhead over the fence/rails.

Went here solo with the pup. It's a nice quiet walk, bridges and trees to get over so not just a walk, feels like a hike. I recommend finding the entrance on the right past the house and starting that way then you'll end on the high-note of views rather than starting with them and ending with traffic. I did white loop.