The long red route measured out at 4.1 mi. Pretty well marked with red metal blazes or red paint. Only iffy spot was at Camp Wilson where blazes stopped. Just walk straight down entry drive and you’ll pick up red blaze 200 yds down on your right. Second half is along water, wide and flat, first half is narrow trail thru woods and flat.

Directions leads to an army facility. Follow signs to Basin Trail - (before the security gate). Signs warn to stay on the trail because of possible explosives! The trail was serene, but very under utilized and unkept. Wonderful wildlife - turtles, lizards, frogs! Large bodies of standing water means intense amount of mosquitos. Started on Basin Trail -> Beaver Pond Trail, but ultimately could not connect to Great Blue Heron Trail without wading through the creek - IMPASSIBLE. Definitely not worth traveling for.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2011