The west side loop seemed to be a little lower elevation and therefore a little more muddy, while the east side loop was high and dry.

5 months ago

The trails are poorly maintained. Had to climb over several fallen trees blocking the paths. The mosquitos were horrendous. We actually ended up cutting our hike short because they were intolerable. Though I'm sure it's not like that all the time because the rangers even commented on how terrible they were. The rest of the park is great though. I'm sure after a freeze or two, it's going to be an excellent hike. We are looking forward to going again after the freeze.

I tried one of the hiking trails and it wasn't much a challenge so I stayed on the gravel road.

Happy to have discovered the park and all the trails and activities in it. This trail was very easy and essentially flat: perfect for a beginner. It combines an up and back gravel path with a wooded trail that makes the loop. Nice variety, pretty scenery and lots of benches/picnic tables if you want to pause.

This well maintained system of short trails link together to provide an excellent hike suitable for families. The park hosts three primary hiking trails including Indian Creek, Molly Mitchell, and Otter Point. Each is well marked with color blazes every 100 yards or so. Rain the day before made condition muddy in places but fully passable. One note, this park runs along several creek beds and through wetland areas, bug spray is a must regardless of the time of day.