Poverty creek is one trail in the poverty creek trail system, I took horse nettle to Jacobs ladder to may apple to poverty creek. It’s a moderately difficult ~7 mile loop when done in this direction. This takes you to the top of brush mountain where there is a cell tower and a view limited by trees.

If you want a challenge, I would take my route backwards. Horse nettle is a moderate incline to the top of brush mountain while taking Jacobs ladder up has several high steps over roots, a difficult incline, and it ends in a switchback. There are some stream crossings so be prepared to get your feet wet. Overall a nice hike, but don’t expect any great views.

As one reviewer said, the poverty creek trail is a one way 7.1 mile trail, ending up being 14.2 if you go down and back. The route listed as the trail is actually a loop utilizing horse nettle, snake root, poverty creek south, skullcap, prickly pear, royale, and finally poverty creek north. You must follow these trails to hit the 10 miles listed.