Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hike of 2 parts. First part along Feathercamp Ridge trail was a steady slog uphill in a dark forest, crossing the stream multiple times. It had rained quite heavily 2 days prior which added to the oppressive atmosphere and darkness. We reached a clearing with a small campfire which was a welcome relief to see some natural light. A short section further brought us out to a gate and a road from where we turned sharp left to join the Iron Mountain bike trail. V pleasant walking with some glimpses of views through the trees. The trail either hugged the mountain side or one was walking on the ridge itself. At Beech Grove, we made a left for a short steep descent back to the main road and the parking lot for the VC trail. Not a bad hike all in all. Wish in a way we had stuck to the original plan in following Istvan's track which was a little longer and probably would have had us emerging off the AT at the same endpoint. Our route ended up being 6.8 miles as a pleasant loop.