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This whole area is a gem, western views for us eastern folks. The AT thru here can be rocky so wear good boots. Decent water sources and plenty of great camp spots. Take side trips and explorer. This trail is only a good introduction. BTW it is Rhodo Gap not Rodie. Tons of Rhododendrons in the area.

I have hiked this many times. Fun trail with a rock scramble near the top. It can be crowded and parking can be tough especially on weekends.

Quiet. Peaceful. You can fish, camp, walk the trails or relax and enjoy the picnic area.

Great place to get away! Can’t wait for all the changes they have planned to go into effect

The hike is really steep the closer to the top you get. The views are good but not the best. Once you’re at the top it’s better just walk the ridge about an extra mile to the Pearis Ledges were there are some amazing views. There are lots of deer around and I steeped on a black snake stretched across the trail. Coming is pretty difficult because it’s so steep and you practically have to run in some spots.

It’s a really nice trail and not super hard. Going up isn’t super steep but it makes for a good climb. The viewing rock is spectacular! There is a nice area with no trees and you can see everything. You really can’t beat these views.

This is a HARD trail, I hike a lot and this trail is not for the part timer. Almost uphill the entire way, first 1.5 Miles very easy gravel then the accent begins, pretty well marked but if you get to the Channels it’s easy to get turned around.
We found 2 kinda private overlooks and actually took a few naked pics for fun lol.
Well worth it but for sure hard.

We biked Damascus up to White Top. Took us about 3 hours. The last 3 miles kicked our butts but felt so good to get to the top. We started at mile marker 17 and ended at 33 I believe. The ride down to was a crazy!!!!! Fun but crazy. We were down in about 1 hour. The bridges and views are awesome. The next day we started at trail head in Abingdon and went to Damascus and back. Again the bridges and views were amazing. So in about 31 hours we did about 65 miles. This is an awesome experience. Pack plenty of water and healthy snacks. Not much along the way to get those essentials.

Easy hike and great scenery.

The trail is easy and there is a feeding station you can get food for the fish in the pond for a quarter. Beautiful hike and well maintained. A warning; a suspicious male was seen during this hike. I am keenly aware of my surroundings and suddenly he appeared behind me on the gravel section towards the “train”. The individual went into the bathroom and then disappeared again with no one saying he passed them when I asked on my way back to the car. When I returned to my car he was sitting alone in a van. He quickly drove away and returned a few minutes later when I passed by the trail out of curiosity to see if he had returned. It could all be a coincidence but it’s better to be cautious.

did the hike with the family today. I do a lot of hiking.....this trail is WOW. the pictures do not do it justice. As you peak the first set of rocks, you're thinking you're done....and you look up and.....a LOT more scrambling. totally worth the effort and if you like scrambling you will love this!

Hike is pretty exhausting but my 6 y/o actually did it. Surprised me that I never had to carry her. Don’t expect any amazing views at the summit. It’s just a big rock surrounded by a bunch of trees. Seen several horses on our way back down and actually walked out on the Virginia Horse Trail part which actually seemed easier. Overall good hike but was sore.

There is a fair amount of climbing rather than hiking in the last .7 of a mile. That being said the view is worth every inch of the trail.

Great payoff for a short hike! Spectacular views!

Great hike. Pretty good trail up to the actual Marble Yard. The trail that skirts the yard to the right is very steep and narrow but a good challenge. Beautiful views along the way if you step out on to the rocks, WOW.

This one is a nice close to home spot for me. I went on a weather perfect Sunday afternoon and there was no one else on the trail and just a few people fishing/kayaking. The trail is obviously not much traveled, somewhat overgrown. Overall a fairly easy hike. We took the gravel road to return to our car rather than retrace the trail again. The whole hike was quiet and lovely, but not much view of the lake during the summer.

When I did Whitetopto Damascus I thought I was in biking heaven then I found the open glades and varied terrain of the leg from Abingdon to Damascus. Much more open and still follows rushing waters and trestles galore. Dont miss scenic trestle 7 and the long ride over trestle 12. Wide open spaces , Rock walled forest trails and dense forest trails to hide from the sun a perfect mix. If you're planning your stay investigate rooms along the trail maybe even bikepack it. Have fun don't miss this one.

Nice trails, rocky. But the trails are NOT marked so that you can easily find your way.

love this trail. plan a stop at Alvaro for some desserts!!

It is very nice. If you want to avoid most of the elevation, but want to see the majority of beauty then drive up to the small parking area and follow my recording. There is also a built out spring if you need water.

Wonderful hike!! We saw several different herds of both cattle and ponies!! Gorgeous views and amazing forest at the summit! Allow 6 hours for a relaxed hike with several stops but it can be made in 5 hours at a decent pace

Coordinates this website gives you (Start/End) are not correct. Look for DQ in Pearisburg (as others mentioned), go behind it, on Jonston Rd, then Cross St. The road goes up for 3/4 of a mile, look for sign "Angel Rest" on the left, the trailhead also on the left. There is no parking lot, park on the side of the road.
Hike continues in pretty dense forest almost all the way up. You will see deer. Steep hike. Got soaking wet with sweat. View is better on 2nd overlook (Willows Valley, I think), 0.6 miles furher on AT.

Nice trail. Not a lot of great views but very nice out/back - up/down trail.

18 days ago

Great hike

The channels are other-worldly and spectacular. This hike is well worth the effort in any season - I take all my visitors, no matter the time of year or weather- and everyone is always amazed. The trailhead parking can get crowded on nice weekends, weekdays are my favourite time to go and I have often had the channels to myself. If you are interested in a 22.5 mile grueling day hike, the channels can also be reached from the Hidden Valley parking lot at the opposite end of the Brumley Mtn Trail. I did this version on a rainy May day, but despite my exhaustion and familiarity with the destination, I still wandered through the Channels with the same sense of wonder as the first time.

All around amazing! The hike is more of a challenging one - 3 miles all uphill and the return journey down is a long one. Definitely bring lots of water and sunscreen. Getting to the trail head can be a little confusing, as you start on a gravel road that splits into the trail. The top of the mountain is absolutely gorgeous, and the channels themselves are extraordinary. Definitely worth the hike.

Not too strenuous and only saw 2 other people in the trail on a Saturday afternoon in June. Will likely do it again just for the peacefulness

Beautiful view at the top and cool to see the natural changes formed from the rock erosion. The hike is fairly easy until the last mile or so, which is pretty steep. It may have been a mixture of the heat, humidity, and steepness, but I had to stop several times to catch my breath.

I think it’s worth pointing out that this apps directions take you towards the Grindstone Campground trail head.......which is 1.) a 14+ mile hike and 2.) Not the side of the mountain with the wild ponies. Once we got closer and realized it, we put the correct location in our GPS and found out it was going to be a 5.5 hour drive to the other trail head for us.

The trail was beautiful, regardless. It was a bit longer than we expected and we had been pretty excited about the ponies- but the terrain was great. Not sure I’d rate it difficult, but my feet were definitely hurting by the end of it.

If you do the Grindstone CG route, on your way back down from the summit definitely take the mini detour down to the Thomas Knob shelter with the rock lookout (follow the Rhododendron trail down to the left at the fork).....it added less than half a mile overall and was worth it!

This was a fun trail, completed with our 5,7, and 11 year olds. Note, if you are following this recording, the Marbleyard is about the halfway point, we did not spend much time on the boulders and headed to the ridge for a snack break.

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