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This is my new favorite hiking spot! The trails are well maintained and it's an easy walk to several waterfalls. When we return I will plan to spend more time here lounging on the rocks and playing in the streams.

Best to go after a good rain! Absolutely beautiful!

Great trail for all skill levels.

Incredible hike and absolutely stunning scenery. Beautiful river and waterfalls.

Super great hidden hike. Trail is well maintained. When I went the only other people were two fisherman at the beginning.

Fantastic afternoon hike! Took our two boys and they really enjoyed it too, especially the Falls. Plenty of water rushing over the falls too, so it looked great!

Was a great hike ..

Easy. Fun. Can easily jump on other trails.

We hiked the loop today. The weather was beautiful. Listed as 9-10 miles, it feels more like. 11+. A great hike with Reed Creek as an added bonus.

The yellow blazing is poor. It’s sporadic and faded. Time for an upgrade. Pay close attention on the first few miles.

Excellent views from the rock outcrop on the West side. 

Moderate? I did this as a two day backpacking trip and I’m sore! Great hike with some good winter views. Total hiking time fully loaded over two days with multiple map checks and stops was 8 hours

Moderate is a huge understatement, I did the full hike and it was enjoyable until i hit the 2 mile peak. Virtually straight up hike to the peak but absolutely worth it. The view is amazing and the exercise was great. All in all with a lunch stop and two 15 minute breaks this hike took me roughly 5 1/2 hours. It's important to note that I went at a steady but not too brisk pace, others can probably hike it much faster than i did.

Awesome trail with flowing stream and a few waterfalls. Thanks Brandon for the tip to hike this trail. I took a few pics and posted them since there was a little snow on the ground and these pics are definitely a different look with a wintertime scenery captured.

It was so much fun!

7 months ago

Beautiful and peaceful walk to the falls with several cascades along the way.

Depending on what spot you park at this can be a moderate or a hard hike. If you are doing the full hike and loop it is definitely a hard, but beautiful hike, getting a couple good overlooks prior to the main one. If you drive up the backside there is a small grassy parking spot at the end of a dirt road where you can then turn the hike in to a more moderate 1-2 mile hike.

This is a great biking/walking jogging trial. Take a trolly to the top of the mountain and ejoy the views as you cruise 17 miles downhill. Great stopping point at the middle grab a bite to eat and a break then back to finish the other half light incline but nothing too bad. The trail is mainly gravel or pressed dirt can be dusty and a bit rocky at times but a great ride.

We had an great time here. The trail along the creek was definitely easy to walk. Always a nice view of the water. Good picnic area. Was not crowded early in the morning. Had no problems with our dog on a 30' leash.

Exciting the whole way through!

Easy peasy hike with beautiful falls and small swimming hole. Don't usually find falls on such an easy hike.

if you were to take your family or friend to one hike in Virginia I would recommend this one. It's easy and very worthwhile; Half an hour up to the falls. You could meader through the woods the other direction on the way back. Takes an hour, with a quaint overlook, and wind up at the old iron furnace. But just up and back along the falls is very rewarding and easy.

Whitetop to Damascus is easy and beautiful. Bring bike tools just in case, I learned the hard way : )

10 months ago

moderate?! you gotta be kidding me. this is straight up strenuous.

10 months ago

The overlook on this trail was one of the most beautiful I have seen in the area. With nearly no one on the trail and nothing man-made in view, it was incredibly peaceful and stunning. However, the trail was more strenuous than moderate. It was very steep in some parts (think: lots of water breaks on the way up and very careful footing on the way down). That didn't stop it from being fun, and if you are up for something challenging, this is the one!

Did the shuttle to Whitetop and rode downhill back to Damascus. Thought I would lose my teeth it was so bumpy. Fast too. Definitely more brakes than pedaling. Couple days later did Damascus to Abingdon and enjoyed that section much more. Required more work of course but it was a great ride. More varied and actually could look around at the scenery without worrying about bouncing off my bike at full speed.

I'm giving this one 5 stars because it was a good workout and there were quite a few scenic spots along the way. But I hiked this today, July 2 and I would advise against it this time of year. I think this hike is probably a lot nicer in the spring which is why I'm still leaving 5 stars. It's not well trafficked, (I was the only person there today.) and most of the trail near the summit is completely over grown. The only way to tell where the trail is is by looking at the indent in the grass. You can't really see where you're stepping at times and I was really starting to worry about rattlesnakes. There were even a few parts with thick briars directly in the path for large stretches. The overgrowth also makes it so you can't really see anything when you reach the summit. There were luckily still a couple clearings along the way but nothing really near the top. But I just wanted to leave this review to warn people about the overgrowth at this time of year. If you're going to attempt it make sure you're wearing pants and not shorts and pay close attention to where you're walking because it can be very easy to go off trail.

Fun easy hike.

I had a wonderful time hiking this easy 1.4 mile loop with my family. I would recommend heading out on the Streamside Trail and returning on the Woodland Trail. There are three bridge crossings and lots of views of the beautiful rocky stream. Everyone enjoyed the pretty waterfall, as well as the overlook and the large early 1800's iron ore furnace on the way back.

beautiful hike all the way through!

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