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rock climbing
3 days ago

Hidden Valley is best known for its lake and camping, but they’ve recently (in the last 3-4 years) re-opened it’s rock climbing to the public. Hidden Valley and rich history in the rock climbing community dating back to the 80’s but it’s mostly unknown to the general public because it has been “closed” to the public for the last 15-20 years. A lifetime climber from NYC helped bolt the routes back in the 70s & 80s and then bought the property later in life. He still lives at the base of the mountain, but recent sold it to a rock climbing non-profit organization so they could maintain it and re-open it. There’s over 300 routes bolted and ready to climb ranging in difficulty from beginner to professional. It’s a great property in general, and if you get the chance to visit, BE SURE to go checkout the missile silo at the top of the mountain. To find it, you park at the top of the mountain where the first parking lot is before you drop down into the campsites. There’s a wooden board for announcements and info, a gravel road straight ahead, and to your far right, there will be a gravel road that normally has a gate to keep vehicles out. You are allowed to walk down that road though, as it’s still public land and part of the park. Walk down that road where the gate is and at every fork, stay to the left. It’s about a mile and a half (maybe two miles) down the road. As long as you stay to the left, you won’t miss it. If you take a right, you’ll come upon some radio/cell phone towers. You’ll know you’ve made it to the right place once you see the razor wire and launchpad. It’s one of the craziest sites you’ll ever see. Surreal experience and a little creepy tbh. Take the hour to go for the walk, you won’t regret it.