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Actually, it's Roaring Run Falls. I'd say it's a bit more challenging if you're going to bring somebody who's 80 years old. But it is a very nice hike with a lot to see either way you take it.

Moderate/Strenuous depending on experience
Dragons tooth is a rocky good time! Offers multiple views, creek crossings, and a lot of climbing! This hike has a lot of ledges and climbing so good footwear is important. Bring at least 2 bottles of water. The summit has a lot of room and multiple view/rest spots. Parking lot can be very crowded on holiday weekends.

Roaring run is a relaxing walk with views of big rocks and waterfalls. This trail is well maintained and has a lot of history with old furnaces still standing. This is a great trail to start out on and practice for the hiking season.Roaring run is highly trafficked so be prepared for a crowded parking lot, especially on holiday weekends. If this trail is too easy for you then you can go to the left of the outhouse (bathroom) and hike the "iron ore trail". This is a 5.5 mile hike , there are no overlooks on iron ore trail but great practice and a walk in the woods with light traffic.

We hiked this trail on a rainy day, but still had a lot of fun. The first few miles are a pretty good climb to the summit. The last 4 miles did seem to drag on a bit, but overall great hike on a wet morning.

The views say it all... so worth the trip.

Amazing !!

I've hiked this trail probably 6 times now and it never gets old. Short hike that's fun for all skill levels, granted there are some rock scrambles towards the top, but that's part of the fun of this trail. View from the tooth is fantastic. Hiked it with some friends on a snowy week day morning last year and had the entire trail to ourselves the whole day. Get's pretty busy on nice weekends though, but still a lot of fun

Absolutely wonderful trail. The path is wide and well kept. Small streams cross the trail throughout, good for dogs to stop for a drink. The view was great most of the way up, not covered by foliage in this early part of spring. The view at the top was stunning and the top of the channels were very interesting to look at. Down in the channels, there was a significant temperature drop, providing a nice reward for hikers on a warmer day.

Good trail, not to difficult. With amazing views.

Had a great time with this hike today. I would recommend the out and back here. There are some other areas that show this as a loop. The trail at the top by the camp ground area, is a small trail, and ends quickly. It is not marked. Not for those who are not ready to hike off trail to get back to parking. Very fun area. This a must do, simply for the beauty of these rock formations.

Whitetop to Damascus is a great family bike trip with some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see! Can't wait to go back!

One of my favorite hikes ever. You get to see so much for as easy of a hike it is. Next time I hope to take my 80 year old dad with us.

15 days ago