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The Channels were amazing!

This a 4⭐️ for uniqueness. This isn’t for the faint of heart. Definitely a challenge. This is the first rating of Difficult that was on the mark. If you do any climbing you’ll love it. I don’t so it definitely had me working for that elevation on the boulders. Saw so people making short work of it though. The pictures do NOT do justice to the view of the boulder yard rising up in front of you. Pretty wild spot.

beautiful hike and challenging

This is a great hike for people who want to see wildlife. I started off early morning around 8 and saw 4 deer, a cat, and a black bear with a cub. Be sure to bring protection and know what to do in a bear encounter! I did neither and got pretty shaken up. Didn’t even notice how difficult it was after that.

The views were amazing and I think this hike is definitely worth the trip! Not only were the overlooks pretty but the hike itself was really pretty as well.

5 days ago

Enter through Grayson Highlands (Wilburn Ridge), first day of hike. No signs posted, but passed a few campers Approx 1 mile before first shelter. Strongly recommending camping in Wilburn ridge, if willing to add the extra mile to day 2 (shelter doesn’t have 360 views/giant rock outcroppings). Day 2 Took AT SOBO around Mt Rogers. At head of Lewis Fork Trail, took an immediate right onto Crest & started off of All Trails map supplied, cutting off a substantial distance to make up for lost time. ~1600ft elevation gain in ~1/1.5 miles. Highly recommend for those not afraid of taking on an incredibly hard section with dense/lush mossy rainforest. At end & interection with Pine Mt trail, came into a giant blueberry grove, run in with a bear as a bonus. Jumped back on AT. Camped night 2 just before Wise shelter, mid-night bobcat screams to wake up everyone in camp were an additional thrill. Day 3 was incredibly quick (mostly downhill, only hiked about 2 hrs). Would recommend spending more time hiking/camping in the first half of the hike (best views, explorative possibilities, and ponies!), and powering through the last portion in a day.

Great hike with a huge bonus at the top! The channels were amazing!

Beautiful trail. Changing landscapes, rhododendron meadows, ponies, cattle. Some up and down challenging climbs, but nothing too technical.

Beautiful trail on a beautiful day! Well worth the drive!

Beautiful views at the top! Moderate incline hike with a few larger hills to climb but overall a good hike. Channels are absolutely gorgeous!

Gorgeous trail. Rhododendrons in full bloom, felt like a tropical jungle in some spots.

This is my new favorite hiking spot! The trails are well maintained and it's an easy walk to several waterfalls. When we return I will plan to spend more time here lounging on the rocks and playing in the streams.

Bald Knob is 1/2 mike hike but is very steep. Gorgeous views at the top!!! We saw Lady Slippers and Jack-In-The-Pulpit on this trail.

11 days ago

did this as a day hike with my dog on 5/19/18. Had been a rainy week and the trail was flooded out in spots. Rivers running right down the trail. But despite the wet trail, it was very nice. Started at Grindstone campground and took Mt. Rogers trail up to the A.T. to the summit. 7 miles from the campground to the summit one way. All the wonderful views are on the A.T. and the are well worth the effort!

Best to go after a good rain! Absolutely beautiful!

For starters this is not a hard trail.. at all. It’s long as it’s a point to point distance not a loop, but it is not difficult.

This trail is long and very underwhelming. It’s not difficult and does not demand a lot of attention. I found myself becoming bored with this trail early making it a painfully long hike.

The views are average at best. There are much. Better hikes with better views less than 2hrs from this trail.

I will say it’s not overly busy, which is nice.

Steady-but-easy climb for 90 minutes with visual rewards up top. The actual Channels were an entirely new treat - like a giant, stone labyrinth tucked away just below the lookout. Great stuff all-around.

Nice trail for a fun, quick hike

Fun trail the whole way up. Will have to cross the river and depending on water levels might be good to wear chacos. Can come back on the AT but it adds 0.5 miles.

mountain biking
23 days ago

I’m completely new to mountain biking. Since we were camping 10 minutes away from here, and this was only going to be my second run, I figured I’d give it a shot. Kind of boring, definitely more for hiking. When I asked the people at the pay station about the trails and MTB’ing....even they seemed to think this location was definitely not meant for mountain biking.

Absolutely a must do in Virginia! It was probably the most rewarding hike I've had as far as having amazing activities at the top. My 4 and 6 year olds had a blast on this one!

Great day for a hike. Left early due to chance of thunder storms but got lucky. I think I like this route better than from Grayson Highland since you're hiking through the forest. Several people I met on the trail asked about the views and you just have to realize it's not about the View. As always Mt. Rogers is just different and unique. Great smell in the cedar forest. Actual distance is closer to 9 miles

mountain biking
24 days ago

We had hiked McAfee and many other trails in Virginia and finally had a moment to tackle Dragons Tooth. On a weekday, plenty of parking and the trail was in great condition. The last .5 Miles was a challenging scramble but well worth the effort.

Terrific Moderate to Difficult hike mostly because of the lengths. The elevation gain is mostly gradual. I did this hike with the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club and was put to shame by an incredibly fit 70+ year old woman. All season hike depending on the weather and temps and suitable for backpacking.

First time hiking this trail after a week of rain, and gotta saw it was wet, sweaty, challenging, long but totally worth it. I took my shmedium size dog (25lbs) with myself and a friend. If I didn’t have a friend with me to help scale those rocks I wouldn’t have gone to the top. It’s worth the 3 hour hike careful coming down. Plenty of dogs on the trail but if you do take a dog bring a buddy to help!

Hiked this a few times with some friends and loved it! It is a bit challenging to hike up the mountain, but the trail is very well maintained which makes things easier. I suggest hiking up to the top early in the morning so that you can enjoy a few hours actually inside the Channels and on top of the mountain. If I’m ever out that way again, I would definitely hike this trail again!

Great trail for all skill levels.

Trail was extremely rocky, harsh on the ankles. Also it seems to be more of a dirt biking trail now. Not much fun to hike, will stick to the AT in this area.

1 month ago

My 13, 10 yr old and I did this hike and it was a lot of fun! The rock scramble at the end was just challenging enough to make it an adventure. I did see a lot of people with dogs, but I'm glad I didn't bring ours. You definitely need 2 hands free to safely climb the rocks, both up and down.

It was a great hike, my dog enjoyed it as well. It’s basically all up hill until you get to the channels but the average person could easily hike this(not saying you won’t be tired). It has an amazing view at the top and then you can wind down in the channels and explore. Loved the hike and will definitely do it again.

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