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3 days ago

I would rate this trail as very easy. There is not very much elevation gain and it is not very technical unless there has been a bit of rain. This is a great trail for trail running and mountain biking. They only point at which the trail become is terribly difficult is after crossing over forest service road after about 4 1/2 miles at which point you will begin to go up hill towards Indian pipe. It can be fairly crowded, so I would recommend going early.

One of my favorite hikes to date!! Went March of 2017 and it was extremely cold but it was so beautiful. If we ever go back to VA we would definitely do it again.

My favorite trail to date. I got to see the sunrise as I began my hike, wild ponies everywhere, and bagged the Virginia high point! Took me 5 hours with lots of picture breaks. Just a heads up, this trail is inside a park so you have to pay an entrance fee, which isn't mentioned on the blurb above. $5 in state, $7 out of state.

5 days ago

Did this on Saturday starting around 2pm. Probably one of the most fun hikes I’ve done. Lots of folks were parked on the main road, but there were spaces in the parking lot, so if you go later, look for parking in the main lot.

You need proper footwear for the rock scramble. The last 0.7 miles are essentially all rock. It’s a *ton* of fun. No real fear of falling, but don’t be a superhero. Ended up at the Tooth on a near cloudless day and could see forever. Will definitely do this one again.

Great hike! My bride and I parked at the end of the Terrapin Mountain road to start our hike. Very strenuous for for first three plus miles because it is all uphill. Our hike was complicated by multiple downed trees on the initial uphill trek and backside (and much easier side) of the trail. Lots of debris. We agree that it seemed much longer than 9.3 miles (we hiked for seven hours which included getting over and through the downed trees and navigating across the beautiful Reed Creek and other streams); there was lots of water when we hiked so be prepared to have wet boots when you traverse Reed Creek in a couple of places. Beautiful views (especially near the summit) and a gorgeous waterfall (on the easier back side of the hike). If you want an easier hike with the waterfall and access to the Reed Creek from the Terrapin Road trailhead, turn left at the trailmarker. The trail should be marked better and more often (markers don’t often face the hiker, so we had to look for them on the other side of the trees and when we had to traverse the full Reed Creek). Paper map would be helpful as phones don’t always have reception, so you can’t use your map apps.

Amazing and Beautiful!!! I hike it weekly

First so no one else wanders around aimlessly looking for the trailhead, it begins across the Parkway and just a little bit north. Good trail, although a little rocky

Could not find any trailhead!! The directions told me I arrived at a field.

Great views, loved the channels. We made it a 4 hour trip to the channels and back with children. The hike is a little longer than I was figuring, but I would do again. I recommend bringing a wide angle camera lens for the channels.

13 days ago

Perfect hike for three hours and a good steady climb, which becomes a perfect amount of rock scrambling towards to top. Tremendous views up there too.

14 days ago

checked the star out at night , put my headlamp on and hiked to the bottom parking lot. ran into some deers and got spooked

Amazing hike! Views are Spectacular! And you get to go to the highest point in VA (Mt Rogers). Saw plently of wild ponies which makes this one of the best hikes in VA IMO, just be sure to not try and pet them. Tons of camp spots along with a shelter is located on the AT portion of this trail so this would be a perfect place for an overnight. Definitely a must do hike in VA!

The last six miles are relatively easy, but the first three are more difficult than Sharp Top.
This is a great hike. I did the entire loop today in under six hours. Lots to see, beautiful views.

Gorgeous hike, just make sure you park along Pocahontas Road. Did this as a sunrise hike and it did not disappoint, even though it was foggy.

Other than the length, this is on the low end of Moderate if you hike on even a semi regular basis. Be careful on the wet rocks. I can’t say a lot about the views on the way up as it was a very cloudy day. So most of the day, I had less than 100 feet visibility. I will say that the views at the summit are non-existent. I did come back down the Elk Garden Trail, which avoided some of the rocks and gave a slightly different view and included an open field with several ponies.

Not really a hiking trail, more paths for walking than to hike. Not maintained at all, just a short loop by a lake.

Just biked from White Top, down to Damascus, was very new to biking a trail. I had a super fun day of biking, Our trail was about 17 miles downhill, the views were beautiful and the rental place we used was phenomenal, awesome trek, would do it again!

Beautiful hike. Amazing views the whole way up starting from Grayson Highlands State Park. The path is very rocky. It would be very easy to trip or twist an ankle if one, was not paying attention. Back county camping was not permitted during the time we were there ( BEARS ), but I would definitely go back to camp. Plenty of well kept sites with beautiful views of the valley below.

A beautiful hike.... we started our hike at the overlook and were pleasantly surprised as we continued along the way. Good variation on the trail, including fields of butterflies, awesome rock/boulder area (great lunch spot) and if you continue about 50-yards further, a nice short rock climb. Other than the overlook, the summer doesn’t offer too many views of the mountain range.

Incredible and Rejuvenating AMAZING!!!!! I will be back over and over❤️❤️❤️

A nice trail to ride horses on.
I recommend riding during Winter months and on weekdays, because of the heavy traffic of bikes.

30 days ago

this was a great trail somewhat challenging at spots, rock scramble near the end was fun ,would do again

Absolute, hands down, favorite hike to date. It's more about the scenery on the way to the top of Mt.Rogers that makes this trail worthwhile. We started at the Massie Gap parking area, went along the Rhododendron Trail to the AT trail (I believe). Every part of the trail getting to Mt.Rogers is stunning. We saw tons of the wild ponies and cattle along the trail which made this an amazing unique experience. We may have gotten rained on the first half of the trip but it didn't make it any less awesome. The view from the peak of Mt.Rogers is all wooded but it is beautiful nonetheless. Worth it to say you've been on the peak of the highest mountain in VA! I believe the hike is marked hard for how long it is because it really isn't challenging otherwise. Just make sure to wear good shoes and bring lots of snacks/water.

Such a beautiful hike with rewarding views the whole way! Favorite hike to date. I can't express enough how stunning this place is!

Really awesome hike, the wife and I did it in just under 4 hours with some picture taking and pony petting sessions (your not supposed to but they're so friendly). I would highly recommend bringing up a summit beer, will work the extra weight when you finally reach the top.

A great hike to a fun area. The Channels are nice to spend time in. As for the hike up to them, it is quite steep but doable. The age in my team ranged from 30-70 years old and everyone made it to the top. By no means did anyone consider themselves an expert so beginners can do this but I strongly recommend taking breaks and stay at your own pace. Don’t let experience or age keep you from completing this trail. In my opinion it is well marked and well maintained. I definitely recommend this trail be on your list of trails to complete because you honestly won’t be disappointed.

1 month ago

This is my favorite hike out of a handful I've done in SW VA so far! The first mile or so is easy trail, then it becomes more rocky. There are several sections where you have to scramble up and walk across parallel rocks/ledges. No real exposure or threat of falling, just a whole lot of fun! About .3 mile from the top, we decided to go in shifts because the dogs weren't very comfortable continuing (a good decision). There's a lot of extra scrambling and climbing to be had at the tooth/teeth themselves, but you'll be satisfied with the view even if you don't want to climb. The trail is well marked with white (when it's part of the AT) and blue blazes. There is an outhouse at the trailhead. No fees to park. Surprisingly uncrowded at 8:30am on a Saturday (home football game). My GPS had us at about 4.75 miles round trip.

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