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Moderate? I did this as a two day backpacking trip and I’m sore! Great hike with some good winter views. Total hiking time fully loaded over two days with multiple map checks and stops was 8 hours

Recommend especially during the winter months when the foliage is down. Lots of views of surrounding peaks and views looking down on the James River that would likely be limited when the trees have all their leaves. A number of feeder trails cross the AT here so pay attention at these intersections so you don't end up like yours truly and get off track :)

This trail IS NOT for the Wimps in the group. It gives the body a chance to warm up before it hits you with both barrels! The rock field is fantastic and gives one the opportunity to traverse an amazing natural formation that includes challenges for those that boulder to those that spelunk. This trail will become a favorite, give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

Moderate is a huge understatement, I did the full hike and it was enjoyable until i hit the 2 mile peak. Virtually straight up hike to the peak but absolutely worth it. The view is amazing and the exercise was great. All in all with a lunch stop and two 15 minute breaks this hike took me roughly 5 1/2 hours. It's important to note that I went at a steady but not too brisk pace, others can probably hike it much faster than i did.

Great trail as long as you don't follow it, the fun part being rock climbing

19 days ago

Hiked this with my sister who doesn’t have much experience. Very easy hiking, well marked campsites and trails. Great view of the Blue Mountains and lots of ponies. Highly recommend for people who don’t hike a lot but want to get there feet dirty.

We did this over Thanksgiving holiday to bag another state high peak. It was cold but clear. The trail is easy with no steep parts. The views were just ok, as compared with other eastern mtns. The weird thing was the summit was in a group of trees? No view at al from there. We didn’t see the ponies, but their poop was everywhere on the high trail. The only thing that makes this hike tough is the length, it’s not that long but it’s frankly boring for at least 75% of it, makes it seem longer.

my friend danny irving goes here to VTtech and talks about this trail all the time wow whatta good guy and a good trail he talks about all the time yup he do does

Great hike, the last few 100 yards are quite technical, loving it

Beautiful View. I didn't do the trail because it was 19 degrees and super windy. But I was able to make it to the view point which was excellent and right off the park area. Ill be back for a hike.

Great hike! Stunning view from the top and very cool.

Great trail. Well marked and pretty moderate in difficulty. I’m pretty athletic and I did get winded a few times but it’s definitely doable! The last scramble over the rocks is a little bit daunting but the view is definitely worth it!

Pictures don't do it justice

Boring hike. Nothing in particular worth seeing. Heavy traffic. More suitable for mountain biking than hiking.

Awesome trail! The rocky part of the trail is challenging and a lots of fun, the view from the tooth is beautiful.

Awesome trail with flowing stream and a few waterfalls. Thanks Brandon for the tip to hike this trail. I took a few pics and posted them since there was a little snow on the ground and these pics are definitely a different look with a wintertime scenery captured.

The Bald Knob trail is short, but steep. Great views at the top!

I started at Massey Gap parking at Grayson Highlands. Round trip 6 hours with a lot of time spent on the summit of Mnt Rogers. 360 views all the way up the AT and the summit looks like a forest from the Pacific Northwest. Unreal that this exists in Virginia! Grayson Highlands is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and the hike to Mnt Rogers lets you enjoy all of that, with ponies and long horn steer included!

1 month ago

Good views from a few places during summer. Old fire tower foundation on top is a great place for a break and/or lunch.

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