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Excellent hiking trip. Moderate is a good description. There were some challenging spots, but once you get to the top it’s definitely worth it! It was my first hiking trip in years and we to 5 kids ages 5-8.

Good exercise but that’s about it

Super easy hike and easy for anyone just beginning

Beautiful hike!! You won’t be disappointed in the views. One of my fav.

Trail is narrow for a good portion of the climb and it’s a steep, steady, incline all the way up but the view is worth it! We hiked the extra 1-1.5 miles along the ridge to the other overlook and had even better views there.

It was the Devil’s Climb to Angel’s Rest, but the view was worth every bit of the 1,800 foot elevation. It was an intense cardio workout on the way up and tedious on the way down since it’s steep and rocky in some places. It is a beautiful trail with some witnesses wildlife. If you feel like you want to stop and turn around halfway to the top- don’t. Both views were great, so recommend going to both spots. My dad and I are Appalachian Trail rookies no longer!

I drove 4 hours for this hike, and it was worth every one! One of my favorite hikes I’ve done in the States. Stunning views, beautiful vegetation, friendly wild ponies, and a fun trail. I arrived at Massie Gap parking at around 10:30am on a Sunday, and the parking lot wasn’t even full, which surprised me. The theme continued; I passed a handful of hikers, but I felt peacefully alone on the trail. I would highly recommend hiking up the blue-blazed Wilburn Ridge Trail! It includes really fun rock scrambles and some of the best views of the entire hike. It meets back up with the AT at the Rhododendron Gap (where there’s another great view from a large rock outcropping!). There’s lots of ways to approach Mt Rogers, so study a park map to decide your route & mileage and enjoy the beautiful area!

9 days ago

This was an amazing loop! Wild ponies and lots of views. The directions were great and the recording was very useful, especially since you have to use multiple trails to make the loop. Bears are a big concern and they do offer electric bear boxes at certain campsites. However, we were able to hang our bear bag just fine with no issues on both nights (rain worked in our favor to suppress the smell I think). One thing you should look out for is the weather. We did the loop during a VERY rainy week and on the 3 day it became dangerous to cross some of the streams and all the trails turned into mini rivers. It was still fun though! Being in the AT was awesome and definitely were the best maintained. AND if you like blackberries they are everywhere! Huge fields of them and all very edible!

I love this trail! It's not challenging, but it's perfect for a leisurely hike if your company is not in the best physical shape, or if you're going to be wearing a 3-year-old in a pack for several miles! The scenery changes but is beautiful the entire time.

The trailhead parking lot at 36* 51.878N and 081* 56.819W is well-maintained but limited parking is available so arrive early. The 3.0-mile trail is uphill the entire way except for a few steps. It is a tiring walk but the ravines down the hill into the woods make it scenic. At the summit there is a sign pointing left to the Channels spur trail or straight ahead for the Brumley Mountain Trail, so don't miss the spur. Once on the spur you'll see the lookout tower in a few minutes. The lookout's shed has been destroyed and burned...only charred remains are left. Once you see the tower, walk directly past it to the far side of the rocks where you will see an unmarked trail leading into the woods. A few stapled arrows on the trees show the way to the entrance of the Channels. The labyrinth is fun to explore but a backpack is a hinderance when exploring tighter passages. It is easy to get lost - I used my GPS to find the entrance which is at 36* 52.279N and 081* 58.757W. Just remember what the first impressive rock formations look like as you enter so that you'll know where to exit.

Steep trail with cool destination! Parts are rough near the top.

I’ve biked this beautiful trail many times, some going up from Damascus to White Top and back, but most just down after taking the shuttle up. When taking visitors to this region, most say it’s the highlight of their visit. Even on the hottest summer day, at altitude, you’ll encounter a comfortable shaded cooler trek down, so bring a windbreaker. Lots of photo opportunities on the rocky stream. Enjoy!!

Hands down, Mt Rodgers Area is the best hiking destination in the south east. From constant valley views, to curious wildlife, this Area has a trail for you!
We started at The Scales. Big open field, with Privy. Yes, you will need a high clearance vehicle to get here, and yes, it will take you about an hour to go 3.5 miles up the fire road to Scales due to the VERY ROCKY ROAD!
I highly recommend you do this loop counter clockwise if your are overnighting due to water sources being towards the last 1/3 of the hike.
Began our hike on Crest Trail, missed our turn off for Pine Mtn trail because it looked like it back tracked. (It doesn't. Take the Pine Mtn to avoid a steep climb) Connected with the AT, jumped over to Mt Rodgers to say we did, back tracked, and cont. on the AT northbound. Stayed overnight at the Wise shelter. (Has Privy and water source) The next morning we decided to shave off 2 miles and take the Scales trail straight UP back to The Scales. (We had a 7 hr road trip ahead)
Couldn't have asked for more.

17 days ago

Did this over two days as a backpacking trip in January. When the elevation started picking up after the first mile the trail was getting hard to find but then after the summit it was a breeze to stay on. Temps dropped more then i expected and wind chills close if not below 0.

I tore my calf muscle .1 miles from the top and coming down wasn’t fun... so be careful

I hiked this section the first full weekend in July 2018 with a great group of young boys from TrailLifeUSA troop NC-0834. The first portion was uphill and the second portion had a large downhill grade. It was a great hike and would take another patrol through this section.

19 days ago

Loved it. One of my favorites.

23 days ago

It’s a beautiful a trail as I have seen, bar none. Watch out for the bulls though.

24 days ago

nice easy walk through the woods. no real views during the summer months...probably much nicer in the fall when some of the under story vegetation had defoliated.

25 days ago

Hard but amazing!

28 days ago

This whole area is a gem, western views for us eastern folks. The AT thru here can be rocky so wear good boots. Decent water sources and plenty of great camp spots. Take side trips and explorer. This trail is only a good introduction. BTW it is Rhodo Gap not Rodie. Tons of Rhododendrons in the area.

I have hiked this many times. Fun trail with a rock scramble near the top. It can be crowded and parking can be tough especially on weekends.

Quiet. Peaceful. You can fish, camp, walk the trails or relax and enjoy the picnic area.

Great place to get away! Can’t wait for all the changes they have planned to go into effect

The hike is really steep the closer to the top you get. The views are good but not the best. Once you’re at the top it’s better just walk the ridge about an extra mile to the Pearis Ledges were there are some amazing views. There are lots of deer around and I steeped on a black snake stretched across the trail. Coming is pretty difficult because it’s so steep and you practically have to run in some spots.

It’s a really nice trail and not super hard. Going up isn’t super steep but it makes for a good climb. The viewing rock is spectacular! There is a nice area with no trees and you can see everything. You really can’t beat these views.

This is a HARD trail, I hike a lot and this trail is not for the part timer. Almost uphill the entire way, first 1.5 Miles very easy gravel then the accent begins, pretty well marked but if you get to the Channels it’s easy to get turned around.
We found 2 kinda private overlooks and actually took a few naked pics for fun lol.
Well worth it but for sure hard.

We biked Damascus up to White Top. Took us about 3 hours. The last 3 miles kicked our butts but felt so good to get to the top. We started at mile marker 17 and ended at 33 I believe. The ride down to was a crazy!!!!! Fun but crazy. We were down in about 1 hour. The bridges and views are awesome. The next day we started at trail head in Abingdon and went to Damascus and back. Again the bridges and views were amazing. So in about 31 hours we did about 65 miles. This is an awesome experience. Pack plenty of water and healthy snacks. Not much along the way to get those essentials.

Easy hike and great scenery.

1 month ago

The trail is easy and there is a feeding station you can get food for the fish in the pond for a quarter. Beautiful hike and well maintained. A warning; a suspicious male was seen during this hike. I am keenly aware of my surroundings and suddenly he appeared behind me on the gravel section towards the “train”. The individual went into the bathroom and then disappeared again with no one saying he passed them when I asked on my way back to the car. When I returned to my car he was sitting alone in a van. He quickly drove away and returned a few minutes later when I passed by the trail out of curiosity to see if he had returned. It could all be a coincidence but it’s better to be cautious.

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