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We climbed the boulder yard almost to the top, whew! Sore the next day, but really amazing views. Not recommended for children the boulders would be too challenging. The trail right next to the boulder field was a steep descent, poles definitely came in handy. Really unique hike that I’m glad we did!

Amazing but path on marble trail difficult to find best path off main trail.

mountain biking
10 days ago

Fun basic bike trail. Nothing to hard but defiantly not boring.

Extremely cool ascent.

Super great hidden hike. Trail is well maintained. When I went the only other people were two fisherman at the beginning.

13 days ago

The trail links up with the Appalachian Trail then branches off from the AT when you reach the summit. The trail to the AT is moderate to difficult. The trail is a well marked single track that had a moderate elevation gain. Once you reach the AT at Lost Spectacles Point, you are around 0.7 miles from the summit. This is when the trail gets difficult. Be prepared for a lot of rock scrambling. If you are in wet weather, this difficulty is increased. Once you reach the summit, you will come off the AT for a very short hike to the tooth. This is an intriguing rock formation and the area was under the ocean around 400 million years ago (oceanic fossils have been located here). Take a moment to read the signs at the bottom at the trail head to learn the history of the area. Climbing the tooth can be a little tricky but you don’t need to climb it to enjoy the area. There is plenty of room to camp out but please follow the Leave No Trace rules.

Fantastic afternoon hike! Took our two boys and they really enjoyed it too, especially the Falls. Plenty of water rushing over the falls too, so it looked great!

great hiking. good workout

Pretty nice day hike. Well maintained. Well marked. Uphill most of the way. Roanoke Star is worth seeing whether you hike or drive to it. I just think that any scenery is better enjoyed when you “earn” it! We hiked up and back. Ate dinner, then drove up to see it at night. Very impressive views day or night.

By far the most fun hike I've ever done. I went off trail and climbed the rocks up then took the trail back down. It's definitely a good workout and the whole thing is pretty steep. I highly recommend it! It was suggested to me by some locals and I'd never have known about it otherwise. I had the trail all to myself in the middle of a Sunday.

Great hike! The distance is not difficult. The last .7 miles includes several areas in which you must climb rocks. If you hike fairly often or have decent knees it is not difficult. It could be slick if wet. The views at the top are beautiful and it’s fairly easy to climb up on the “dragon’s tooth”. Adequate parking and well marked trail.

18 days ago

Love Dragon's Tooth. it's a moderate hike and I have a little depression on top of the tooth that fits like a recliner. usually eat here while soaking up the views.

My dog and I did this trail 2 days ago. great hike! Very scenic! We took Lewis fork and wow did I under estimate the trail, it's pretty tough. I enjoyed every step though. I will definitely visit the surrounding trails! the horses are so cool. they were on the trail and refused to move so we scooted past and pet them on the way past!

Did this hike with three boys ages 3, 8 & 10. Absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend.

Steady hike up that is not terribly strenuous. Trail is well kept and marked. The path was rocky but I had no issues with my hiking boots. There is one awesome scenic view of the valley. I only wish that the end of the trail had a better view. You ended almost like at a cross trail, and had options to hop on another trail.

was a great hike. The last miles is a rough. But the top was beautiful...

Was a great hike ..

25 days ago

Completed the hike 2/20/18 to bag the state high peak. The lush, mossy forest made for neat scenery but also made for a wet and rocky trail. Majority of the trail, as well as the summit, is in the trees which leads to a fairly underwhelming view, but none the less an enjoyable hike with some scenic views here and there. Wish the ponies were out! Trail is longer than the 10.8 mi posted, RT from the trailhead is 12.6 miles. Glad to have VA's tallest peak in the bag!

amazing views, wild ponies, doesn't get much better in the south east

The Channels are amazing! We went on a cold rainy day, but it was totally worth it.

Good workout, started in the afternoon. Parking was a problem. Go early.
The channels was great. A good view is to be had Northeast of the Fire Tower.

This is a fairly moderate hike -- for the first 3/4 of the trail, at least. It lives up to its difficult rating in the final stretch, however, with a number of top-notch rock scrambles sure to challenge even the most seasoned hiker. Yes, your thighs will burn, and you may even be gasping a bit by the time you reach the peak. Views are quite good from up there, though not as expansive as Tinker Cliffs or McAfee's Knob. Word to the wise: knock those two classic hikes off your list before taking on The Tooth.

All in all, we -- two late 20-somethings in fairly good shape -- were in-and-out in about two hours and 15 minutes. However, we were slowed considerable by substantial ice and snow on certain stretches of the trail. On a nice day, I'd probably be possible to knock it out in under two hours.

Note: Dogs are allowed, though they may not be able to make it to the top. We brought a young, athletic lab with us, and there's absolutely no way he'd have been able to traverse the final rock scramble.

1 month ago

This is probably my favorite hike on the east coast. We did this over a cold winter weekend. The wind was fierce atop the mountain, but the views were breaktaking. The wild ponies were definitely the highlight of the trip. Be careful and pay attention to the route - we ended up getting lost more than once. I reviewed the trail in great detail here for thoes who want to check it out before making the journey! https://adventuresinroamance.com/backpacking-in-the-south/

It’s just 3.4 miles if you hike up to the top and back down without going on other trails. Easy and quick hike in Blacksburg, VA.

As a Randolph College student in Lynchburg, this is one of my favorite places to go when I need some time outside. I've put my hammock up along this trail before as well. Beautiful views along the bridge as well as the trail. Not very strenuous at all and trail is relatively clear of rocks and debris. Would recommend!

Pretty easy hike if you start on the 43 side of it. excellent views at several different spots. could easily be turned into an overnight backpack trip for those in no rush. there is an AT shelter about 3/4 of the way through, but NO WATER on the trail.

Went with the VTWC Hiking Group on a cold January morning. It was a nice trail with some nice views but not dramatic overlooks. There is just one section with some overgrowth. Loved the drive out through Clover Hollow. Nice rocky climb up the AT from SR 601.

Easy. Fun. Can easily jump on other trails.

We hiked the loop today. The weather was beautiful. Listed as 9-10 miles, it feels more like. 11+. A great hike with Reed Creek as an added bonus.

The yellow blazing is poor. It’s sporadic and faded. Time for an upgrade. Pay close attention on the first few miles.

Excellent views from the rock outcrop on the West side. 

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