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14 days ago

probably have done this same trail hundreds of times the beauty of the james never gets old

It was a great little hike. It had rained two days before and it was not too flooded when we went. We were going to scope out the rock climbing and they have some good problems up with hooks all ready to go. We will for sure come back this summer to work on the problems.

Four stars because it was a little dirty but that’s kind of expected seeing as there was a ton of people there. There were kids smoking pot in the woods too. But in all it was great!

One of my favorite places for a lovely walk in nature. Relaxing, minimal incline, very easy walking.

If you like rock climbing this is a great spot!

20 days ago

I usually add the Pipeline trail and the Canal Walk. Easy walk and I love the urban meets nature vibe.

One of my favorite go-to walks. It's beautiful in all seasons, always something different to see no matter how many times I go.

I went here as a kid with my best friend Connor, we went swimming in the rapids and he almost drowned and I saved him. Came back years later with my mom, had a great time. Everyone’s alive.

I mean, it's Richmond, so yeah there's TONS of trash everywhere. However, deep in the parts where people are usually to lazy to walk, everything gets BEAUTIFUL! Also, there are walls to rock climb. I do this with my parents a couple of times throughout the year.

23 days ago

I really don't like going to the city, it doesn't matter what city either, I just don't like cities. However, My trip wasn't too bad this time. I really enjoyed my time on this nice little loop. My dog enjoyed it too, as he got to meet tons of new buddies along the way.

25 days ago

I rucked this trail with a 50 lbs ruck sack and it definitely trains the muscles needed for “cross-country” rucking. Lots of grades, rocks, twists and turns . Most of the flatter less rocky parts of the trail I ran so it’s great for anyone preparing for a school.

Grew up on going here, I grew up not far away and my dad literally grew up across the river. It’s a beautiful place and a must see for anyone visiting Richmond! Pet friendly, handicap accessible,hiking,biking,swimming,rapids, views, have everything in one spot.

1 month ago

Definitely my favorite trail in RVA. I usually go here a lot with friends, and it’s always an easy and historic trail that never ceases to be fun.

My favorite so far. Beautiful views of the river

2 months ago

Nice little bike ride with some urban art along the way and river views. If I wasn't on my bike, I could've added the pipeline trail which looked cool

Nice level trail. Not to crowded during the week. Little dachshund didn't have a bit of trouble walking the loop.

Easy. Fun. Crowded.
Easy and fun hike for about 2 miles round trip. Parking at the lot is a challenge. Lots of people show up on a nice day. Lots of dogs.
I will go back.

Great dog walk

Good trail. But if is has been rainy the trail will be muddy and slippery.

3 months ago

3 months ago

3 months ago

4 months ago

I've been coming here since high school! It is very populated so it is best to go on week days. The parking lot is usually overflowing. It is best to drive across the bridge and park on the other side of the river and you can walk from another bridge and go about that way. There are lots of rocks to stop and swim along the way. Unfortunately, I have stopped going here due to increase in trash/broken glass. Still a very cool place to explore in the middle of the city!

Really enjoyed this quiet and peaceful trail with my dog. If you want to venture close to the water it’s easy to do so or you can stay on the path. Very shady so perfect on a warm day

when you get to the rock climbing wall at the end of the bridge to the left there's a small crawlspace that's not visible but if you find it a good adventure begins

Beautiful walk/hike. You forget that you are in a city. A great place to be on a hot summer's day.

5 months ago

Really interesting trail, but very populated. It's an easy hike with a lot to see and several spots for the pups (and you) to swim. The bridge over the James River was a really cool way to start and end the trip. The structures and rock wall along the way were really cool places to explore and take photos. I'd say it's more of an urban walk than a hike, though. We had to park a bit up the road (parking is very limited, especially for how busy it is) and in total "hiked" just over 3 miles from start to finish.

Huge tree down that I had to climb under. I was running so that was a hindrance. Trail is nice and shady for walking Easy to park.

5 months ago

5 months ago

Great way to get around downtown without going through the hustle bustle of busy streets. There are restaurants with outdoor seating along the path. Excellent urban path!

Great trail just to get out and about. Very easy. Make it longer by walking the Buttermilk trail to Belle Isle.

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