enjoyed this hike...nice views from little rocky row!...gets a tad difficult up top...nice river walk too!

the first part of the trail is easy. the second part of the trail the last mile from the top or so is quite difficult. this Trail is rated as moderate, but some of it is difficult.

Wonderful Trail. Not McAfee but a beautiful view from the top.

We hiked to the first overlook, about 3.7 miles and it was definitely worth the hike. The view is gorgeous and you can see miles and miles of mountains. You could even see where we started from. I highly recommend it to anyone. Don't let the steeper climb near the end stop you. :)

We hiked as a 10+ mile put and back (as a recommendation from another hiker). Great trail and the views are beautiful from the top. A great reward after the 21 switchbacks to get to the top.