easy course. flat land next to a swam which is next to busy roads.

ups and downs, bridges. well marked. i likes.

We had fun here! As was said in another review, it really felt like you were out in the woods and not in the city! We took a long route 2.77 miles, a little hard to navigate but a fun adventure.

Nice trails

6 months ago

Literally just went. Felt like we were in the middle of nowhere but still in the city! Lots of rugged paths and mud, some of which was a bit like quicksand. Probably want to wear shoes you are okay with messing up. One of the people that came with me saw a spider the size of a small mouse; tons of spider webs in some parts, just grab a stick and wave it in front of you. I love adventures and off course things, so I would love to come back. Pretty easy to get lost, though.

6 months ago

This trail has a locals vibe and is geared toward BMX and mountain bikers. There were a few areas that were only for bikers so if you're walking through you need to stay out of the way. No payoff views but a solid loop for a palate cleanser.

mountain biking
7 months ago

This a fantastic trail. There are a ton of routes to choose from. Spread out through the trails are technical obstacles as well that can be bypassed or conquered, which allows for growth for those new to MTB. This will be a good to spot from now on!

Great trail! Had it all to myself on a Saturday afternoon. I think it's great for beginner mountain/trail bikers with some challenging parts here and there. Plenty of routes to go around a challenging part if you're not ready for it. This trail will help you get up to the next level experience.

Good trails overall for a quick run - however, there is trash everywhere. It's very disappointing to see how people take care of this park.