Part of the route can be completed using a motor vehicle on the gravel road. But motor vehicles are not allowed beyond a point so you will need a bike or walk. There are short birding trails off the connector all the way.

A nice walk in the woods on a beautiful day. Hog Island is a peninsula sticking out in the James River. I saw a lot of large fishing birds.

Another nice walk in the woods. Hog Island is a peninsula jutting out into the James river. It is a beautiful mid-November day for a walk; not hot and not cold on a bright sunshiny day.

This is a nice walk in the woods and today was beautiful. I saw a lot of birds including large fishing birds. I would not know a turkey from a canary but it was fun seeing them dive for their diner. Like all of the trails on Hog Island )Really a peninsula) there are some nice water views. I think dogs are allowed on a leash for tracking wounded animals.