First off you have to pay to park at the spot that close to the bridge it’s only $4 but still. They have a gift shop at the trail as well so make sure you bring some cash. They also have bag stations for if your dog decides to go to the bathroom. Now on to the trail. I went to the bridge gives you a nice view but that’s that. When I walked back to my truck I saw a cannon and behind that there is a trail that leads down to under the bridge. It is at a decline so if you have trouble going up and down inclines and declines I wouldn’t recommend it. However when you get down there you head to the right and when you are under it you can see a little beach that you can go and play in the rapids. It was because of this I gave it 5 stars. Feel free to walk or bike the entire trail, but this was exciting to me. The walk is about .5 miles. Well worth it.