mountain biking
5 months ago

What most people miss when they come to High Bridge is the Mountain Biking trails.

There are 2 loops of bike specific single track on the Rochelle tract, located half way between the Farmville Plaza and the River Road parking lot. The entrance to the Rochelle tract has a kiosk at gate and a gravel road going up a hill. Both loops come off the gravel road on the right. The Early trail is a 1.6 mile beginner loop with great flow and just enough trick to keep the interest of any advance rider. The hardest part is climbing the gravel road up to the entrance, it exits at the bottom of the hill. The Burnside Technical loop is 2.8 miles of advanced riding with a good aerobic component mixed with sweet flowing sections, roller coasters and serious drop thrus. Be cautious the first time thru, as there are a couple spots that can catch you off guard.

So, to all those people that say how boring the High Bridge trail is. All I can say is you missed one of the best parts of the park.