This mountain park is next to the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area in the Jefferson National Forest. Grayson Highlands State Park was originally named Mount Rogers State Park and was established in 1965. Pets are allowed in the park but not allowed inside public facilities including the bathhouses, visitor center and office.

17 days ago

Biked this trail several years ago in the fall and intend to go back! Beautiful and you pass through many old train tressels along the way.

Love this trail! I have biked it 4 times and will do it again.

This bike ride is awesome. Rent a bike and catch a ride to the top and just coast off the mountain on this beautiful trail. Stop at the little old train depot, too. the ladies working in there are very informative and super nice!

The views include woods, rock outcroppings, and farm land. Love all of the trestles. Easy, fun ride.

Amazing views. We rented a bicycle and we were dropped off at the top end of the trail. All you had to do was just sit on the bike and the slope does the rest. There is a nice little restaurant as well on you way. To me the best part of the experience was the amazing views.

Can't wait to go back and hike some more!
Loved eating the wild blackberries on the trail!