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mountain biking
20 hours ago

Trail typical of most Rails To Trails. we'll graded, smooth, little or no elevation change. Trail follows the Jackson River for almost the full route. Great views of farmlands, trees, etc. we've rode the trail 2-3 times.

off road driving
22 hours ago

Mostly stock friendly, there's a couple rocky areas and mudholes that are not stock friendly. You will have pin stripes at the end. It's a good 3 hour trip. This was my second time out with HMMWVs. Trail is narrow with brush but no trees are in the way.

I did not go full length of trail, but the first third is mostly fairly level with only mild grades. My out-of-shape husband did fine. :) Occasional short stretches where trail very rocky but otherwise pretty good footing. Be aware the trail crosses the North River - bring water shoes or prepare to get wet!
Entire trail in the woods, about 1/3 in dense growth (like walking through a tunnel), rest open enough that you can see around you.
A little tricky to find the trail head, and parking is not necessarily at the trail head - we had to walk up the road a bit to get to it.
Trail shared with bikers and horses so stay alert.

3 days ago

Great hike with variety! It’s rated as easy, but may prove a bit more moderate for some mostly because of stream crossings. Some up and downhill, but mostly pretty level with stream crossings and rock scrambles. Towards the top of the loop there is a small detour up a steep hill that takes you to a couple look outs with beautiful views. Take time to enjoy the couple water falls on the way back. It took about an hour and a half and that included stopping and exploring around too. I really enjoyed this hike!

Take your camera, no hiking boots needed. Sandals preferred. Beautiful Views!

4 days ago

Good hike. We wanted to finish going down hill. If you want to do it this way, follow the driving directions AllTrails gives you. After you park on the right side of the gravel road, you’ll have to walk down the gravel road in the direction you just came (about a quarter mile) and turn right at the white bar or Oak Knob fire road. The sign was overgrown with weeds and we missed it. It’ll be in your left when driving in, or on your right walking down from the upper parking area. The gradual elevation change wasn’t too bad.
The pond is very small and we laughed when we saw it. This is where 3 trails come together. Tricky, but if you’re coming from the upper parking area, take a sharp turn left at the pond, if you start at the oak knob trail head, make a sharp right at the pond. Do not go past the big number “8” on a tree. There are big open fields filled with wild flowers, that are numbered with huge numbers painted on the trees.
No views when the leaves are on.
If you want to start at the upper parking area, just cross the road and walk to the white bar and start your hike. It’s only a .2 walk up hill on the gravel road to your car at the end. We didn’t see any bikes just their footprints. Two dear.

This was a pleasant hike. A lot of stream crossings, and use of (very) old fire roads with a lack of erosion control makes for some rugged terrain in spots. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail, which was quite nice.

5 days ago

Was a beautiful hike went clockwise and after seeing and hearing about the counterclockwise hikers journey. I was happy with my choice. I did it in two days, wanted to take my time. The views were spectacular, trails were makes well. Camped at Harper's shelter, not sure if the mileage is correct I don't think switchback are being counted for mileage, there are a good amount of them. would definaly recommend it to a friend, there was very little water on the AT portion so be careful with that if hiking clockwise bring in water to hike up, crossed one natural spring and it is a dry Aug. so far so riverbeds have dried up mostly.

Great hike not for beginners it's up up all the way! But the 360 panoramic view is amazing.

5 days ago

Very short walk, easy family hike with a great view.

Hiked the 1 mile closest to Sherando Lake Rec Area, USFS Campground early August. Fairly level. Sharp, small rocks for about half the hike made it a near ankle-twister. Narrow, single-file. Well-forested with a few ridge-top boulders. Views were mostly obscured by trees & mainly of the wooded, parallel ridges. Evidence of recent bear activity with numerous downed berry bush-trees. 2800-2900’.

The hike up is short but if wet (as it was for us) it would be slippery coming back down. We elected to take the alternate route back. It is worth the detour. Beautiful hike in the woods crisscrossing several streams. The view from humpback is awesome! It was a bit crowded but nothing unusual for other good hikes in August.

Beautiful hike, lots of rain the last couple of weeks so the falls were roaring. Moderate is an accurate assessment. Hiked it with my wife and our two granddaughters. Girls complained a little but not to much which rates this as a good family hike. will differently hike it again when in the area.

Great hike for young children. Trail is strenuous but short. Great view at the top.

10 days ago

Hiked this with a friend after a week of heavy rain and the falls were incredible! The trail was waterlogged and a little difficult to navigate at points, but overall still a beautiful hike. Crabtree is one of my favorite hikes in central VA.

A quick hike leads to an amazing 360 degree overlook from an old fire tower. The hike itself isn’t too interesting and gets quite steep in some spots. However, the payoff is definitely worth it. I’d highly recommend this for a sunset hike!

off road driving
12 days ago

I was out with a group of jeepers For my 1st Ever Jeep trail run. This trail is A-blast. It is challenging but not so much to the point That is frustrating. I was the only Jeep Liberty in a group of Wranglers and had no problem running with them.
On a side note though. Beware the water crossings if it's been rainy they can get rather deep... Fun but deep. Happy trails y'all.

great views of the waterfall. well maintained trails.

18 days ago

Based on the google maps directions provided by this app, you’ll be driving up a tight service road for a significant amount of time until you reach a point where you may be able to park your car. Do not drive a car that rides low to the ground as you’ll basically be driving over two small creeks and many potholes. Signs for the trailhead are nonexistent, so the gps tracker on this app is absolutely essential. The actual hike is easy, with a bit of a rock scramble at the summit, where it’s a panorama view of the mountains surrounding you.

Beautiful views all the way up the trail! View from the top was nice and had a small area if you want to sit and enjoy the view! Pretty steep incline but worth it! Work out with a view! Loved it

Me, my husband and our 3yo goldendoodle did this hike on July 28th. The hike up the falls was simply stunning and we took full advantage of the rest areas to enjoy the scenery. The view from the top was absolutely gorgeous and decided to continue on to Crabtree Meadows, the AT and then back down. If you have time, I highly recommend adding the extra miles to round out the hike.

Perfect hike for anyone looking to take in some beautiful scenery, diverse landscape and breathtaking views from the top!

mountain biking
19 days ago

Easy ride on hard pack gravel trail with great views of the river and plenty of shade.

Beautiful views at the top. At times the hike was difficult but nothing too bad. I did this hike 20 weeks pregnant with my 5 year old and 7 year old. Enjoyed a lunch at the top

21 days ago

Spectacular views. A little busy.

Did this trail about a week ago during the rain. Definitely some of the best views in the area. Went by myself ignoring the reviews where people said not to go alone, and I’m going to have to reinstate the danger to the people who think just like me. Once you get to the top it’s a likely place for someone to twist an ankle, and as others have said, it is a lightly trafficked. As long as you keep it safe you will have a great time when I got to the top I saw 2 giant Turkey Buzzards blocking my path and scared me half to death, I started making noises to scare them away, because I didn’t know if they were dangerous or not. However after doing my research I found, turkey Vultures in North America are not harmful and only tend to eat dead animals haha. But let me tell you those things are freaky looking. Anyways, safe travels everybody!

23 days ago

Wonderful climb to the top with spectacular views from the rocks.

This trail would be really awesome... if the majority of it weren't along the road. We supplemented the lack of mapping on this trail with the map at the parking lot (the first one when you enter this section of national forest) - it seemed super clear until we got to the trail that the majority of the route was supposed to follow ended up being the road for about 4 miles. We decided to keep following the track, made it up to the beautiful dam, and decided to take Hanley Mountain Road up to the Ridge trail and follow that back to the parking lot. Hanley Mountain Road is an adventure... I have no idea why you would just go up it and back down it consecutively without any other gain than adding the miles and elevation change?? Skip the retracing and just take the Wild Oak (716) Trail back to the parking lot.

I love this trail. It has decent views, rugged terrain, and decent elevation gain. I highly recommend doing this hike clockwise, as AllTrails suggests. A clockwise attack is not only easier, but you save most of the views for the end which is a good pay-off. The fire road portion is boring, but you only have to endure it for about a mile right in the middle of the loop. If you are super anti-fire road walking, you can always skip it via the Meneka Peak Trail that makes the loop a little shorter by cutting through right at the ridge line (also avoiding a 500 ft elevation loss/gain right in the middle of the hike).

My husband, daughter (age 7), son (age 5) and myself (who is 20 weeks pregnant) LOVED this hike. We did it in June. Plan to pack lunch and bring lots of water. The trail, at the time we went, was moderately trafficked with other hikers. Very enjoyable and something we will do again

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