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Hiked this trail back in November and there were many people hiking. There is a climb to the top however there are rest points as you go up and the view at the top is worth it. Well maintained trail. I originally thought that crab tree falls was one big waterfall but it is really multiple continuing waterfalls on various levels. Still a beautiful site.

Short and pretty easy hike with pretty great views.

Fun to wade through the water as we crossed to follow the trail. A bit buggy with the standing water pools but overall fun and moderate hike with baby in a backpack. We took a nice dip at the end.

1 day ago

Lightly hiked trail that takes roughly 1.5 hours to hike to the top and back. Crosses over a shallow stream several time requiring me to remove my shoes to stay dry and cross - very refreshing though! There were some pretty steep sections that have been impacted by erosion and heavy rainfalls but they are brief and shouldn’t present much of a challenge. The recent rains have allowed the forest to come to life and create a very nice green tunnel to walk through. Overall, I’d say the hike is worth it for the rock outcrop at the top that has a good view of the valley you just climbed out of, as well as an excellent campground w/ stone fire ring.

The trail itself is on the fine line between being able to follow and blending in with the rest of the forest. I personally got lost a couple times but found the trail again quickly. Beautiful scenery while hiking but it does not lead to a summit or overlook that other hikes may lead to.

love this trail

off road driving
4 days ago

One of the best trial i’ve tried so far.

5 days ago

Beautiful. Worth the hike. It’s steep so allow enough time to get up there and enjoy your time.

This is listed in my area but I live in Washington state

7 days ago

Lovely trail, the mountain laurel is beautiful this time of the year. If you go left on the loop, the only views will be towards the end of the hike. I do recommend going left around the loop. Don't follow the AllTrails directions to the trail head, it doesn't take you the entire way there. Instead follow directions to Todd Lake and then use trail map from there.

This is a great short trail. It is always my default for a spontaneous hike. Just enough of a climb on the way up and a rewarding view once you get to the tower.

I absolutely love and hate this trail! If you can get up the first third of the uphill you will do just fine the rest of the way. The stairs were tough for me. There are beautiful views of the falls along the way up. There is also a nice spot to rest and have a picnic at the top. The trail is busy and lots of people bring dogs. I saw some wild life on the trail, including a ring neck snake, a skink, tadpoles in some standing water, hawks flying at the top, and I may have heard a rattle snake. Good times, but grueling if you’re out of shape.

Great day hike! Difficult enough to get your heart rate up, but easy enough for most folks to enjoy.

off road driving
12 days ago

Did this trail a few years ago, was great. went back last fall. well marked and stil a good place to explore.

beautiful drive to humpback. The hike itself is not that difficult, and the trail has always been clear when I've gone. Wonderful view at the top.

This hike is absolutely wonderful when the mountain laurel is in full bloom. We didnt care that it was too foggy to see anything at the overlook today. The flowers made up for it.

The initial ascent is very rocky. After you get up to the top, it's fine. Once you hit the Tuscarora, it was not rocky at all.

Just dont go to the overlook as an out and back.

16 days ago

Challenging hike, but the amazing views make it all worth it. This was the first backpacking trip my wife and I went on together (about two years ago); we were unaware it was considered “hard” prior to. After a late start, we parked along skyline drive and perused the clockwise loop during a two-day; one night trip. We quickly learned the perils over overpacking. Overall, we had a blast and would do it again.

Hard not in any way Moderate. The sign says Moderate and once you enter the sign says extremely difficult! from the entrance to the Knob 1.81 miles. Do not continue. Turn around. You'll end up on the other side of the mountain! If you see the sign that says SPOT 3 you're at the knob.

This is a gorgeous trail and a fun way to get to the humpback rocks. Although this loop is longer (3 miles up instead of 1 mile up), it’s less strenuous than the steep, short, populated way to get up to the rocks. The total trail is 4.2 miles. This trail is mostly rock and can be a little wet so make sure you have proper shoes! This trail takes you through a beautiful forest path that zig zags up to the top and then you’ll follow the shorter path down (1 mile down) back to the parking lot. we went after a rainstorm and it was gorgeous being up there with the clouds! As an experienced hiker with a stop at the top for the view it took my 4 hours. Definitely a great hike!

Great views from almost above the clouds. It’s a fun hike with lots of wildlife on the trail

Very nice, relaxing hike. Set up a hammock halfway through and enjoyed the view. If you're looking for a quick hike that's not difficult, this is a good choice.

20 days ago

First off - This hike is absolutely not 12.6 miles. Garmin watch clocked it at 16.3. We did not deviate or take any side paths. Please be aware of this before starting the hike. We did the hike going clockwise - taking the Mau-har trail till it intersected back with the AT. I would recommend going this way. Get the uphill trek out of the way at the beginning of the hike. Careful around the waterfalls and strong creeks - I nearly stepped on a timber rattle snake, absolutely couldn't hear the warning rattle because of the water close by. To round out the hike, the skies opened up and had a torrential thunderstorm down pour for the last 6 miles which made the down hill treacherous on the rocks.

All that being said - I really enjoyed the hike. Wish I could've seen the views, but the rain killed that.

21 days ago

Pretty trail of moderate difficulty. My 9-year old was up for it, with minimal complaining. Came across lizards, toads, and -- beware -- a copperhead in what looked like its regular den, beneath a rock, square in the middle of the trail, probably 100 to 150 yards above the overlook at the northeastern end of the ridge.

21 days ago

Mountain Laurel was in full bloom on Memorial Day weekend in 2018, surrounding and papering the well groomed trail surface. We clocked the distance for a bit under 9-miles and passed through or over mountain spurs to the peak. There were no other hikers on the Kennedy part of the trail (about 7 miles) on a holiday weekend. The view at the peak was excellent when we were there.

Parking is good and the trail (actually a circuit) is well marked by orange, yellow (or tan?) and brown blazes. There is camping at several locations.

We will definitely do this trail again.

22 days ago

This is a challenging hike depending on if you split up the mileage or not. I definitely suggest going clockwise, otherwise you will face a challenging up hill to close out your hike. I’d say if you are in shape without a heavy pack this is a doable day hike. I backpacked this one. Got in at 9:30pm and night hiked the 1.6 to where the trail forks for the loop. Decided to set up camp here. Got up at 6am and was off on the trail at 7a. The clockwise route sets up the day with most of the great views. Given it to was calling for rain in the afternoon going clockwise was important for me to catch the views without rain clouds. I got all the way to Harpers Shelter by 10:30am. And I decided I was going to try and bag the rest of the trail. Hit a wall with about 3-4 mi left. Somehow managed to muscle through it (I think getting rained on is a good motivator). I’d say this is a manageable 2 day backpacking hike. Don’t do what I did! Get there at a decent time and split the miles in half. On the non AT portion of the trail there is a pretty good waterfall. Water was fine for the entire trip (on May 25th) but I could see the AT portion being a problem if there is a dry spout. More abundant on the other side. Also this was a perfect time of the year to do it. Got to chat with tons of through hikers. And gave a couple of them a ride to Devils Backbone (nearby craft brewery) at the end of my hike.

So hard. Gorgeous. Totally worth the effort.

22 days ago

I had the wonderful experience of hiking up Crabtree Falls Trail in Amherst County today with a young friend. I’m “older.” This hike rises over 1000 feet in less than 1.5 miles. Let’s just say it’s steep! The trails are engineered and the fabulous, LONG waterfall courses beside you nearly the entire way! It is spectacular! Very heavily traveled. Dogs must be on a leash. I mean, yes, actually on a leash. The trail connects with the Appalachian trail but we didn’t go that far. I want to go back and see more of Priest Mountain in George Washington National Forest. Truly astonishing!

This is probably skewed because I had to carry two children the last mile but I just didn't enjoy it. There weren't really that many great views and it was so brutal on the feet with all the rocks. When I say rocks it's not fun bouldering or anything, just uneven and hard terrain that even really good boots can only stand up to for so long.

24 days ago


It is a pretty gentle climb, be ready for water crossings. After several inches of rain the night before the crossings we're all still manageable.

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