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16 hours ago

Mountain Laurel was in full bloom on Memorial Day weekend in 2018, surrounding and papering the well groomed trail surface. We clocked the distance for a bit under 9-miles and passed through or over mountain spurs to the peak. There were no other hikers on the Kennedy part of the trail (about 7 miles) on a holiday weekend. The view at the peak was excellent when we were there.

Parking is good and the trail (actually a circuit) is well marked by orange, yellow (or tan?) and brown blazes. There is camping at several locations.

We will definitely do this trail again.

1 day ago

This is a challenging hike depending on if you split up the mileage or not. I definitely suggest going clockwise, otherwise you will face a challenging up hill to close out your hike. I’d say if you are in shape without a heavy pack this is a doable day hike. I backpacked this one. Got in at 9:30pm and night hiked the 1.6 to where the trail forks for the loop. Decided to set up camp here. Got up at 6am and was off on the trail at 7a. The clockwise route sets up the day with most of the great views. Given it to was calling for rain in the afternoon going clockwise was important for me to catch the views without rain clouds. I got all the way to Harpers Shelter by 10:30am. And I decided I was going to try and bag the rest of the trail. Hit a wall with about 3-4 mi left. Somehow managed to muscle through it (I think getting rained on is a good motivator). I’d say this is a manageable 2 day backpacking hike. Don’t do what I did! Get there at a decent time and split the miles in half. On the non AT portion of the trail there is a pretty good waterfall. Water was fine for the entire trip (on May 25th) but I could see the AT portion being a problem if there is a dry spout. More abundant on the other side. Also this was a perfect time of the year to do it. Got to chat with tons of through hikers. And gave a couple of them a ride to Devils Backbone (nearby craft brewery) at the end of my hike.

So hard. Gorgeous. Totally worth the effort.

I had the wonderful experience of hiking up Crabtree Falls Trail in Amherst County today with a young friend. I’m “older.” This hike rises over 1000 feet in less than 1.5 miles. Let’s just say it’s steep! The trails are engineered and the fabulous, LONG waterfall courses beside you nearly the entire way! It is spectacular! Very heavily traveled. Dogs must be on a leash. I mean, yes, actually on a leash. The trail connects with the Appalachian trail but we didn’t go that far. I want to go back and see more of Priest Mountain in George Washington National Forest. Truly astonishing!

This is probably skewed because I had to carry two children the last mile but I just didn't enjoy it. There weren't really that many great views and it was so brutal on the feet with all the rocks. When I say rocks it's not fun bouldering or anything, just uneven and hard terrain that even really good boots can only stand up to for so long.

It is a pretty gentle climb, be ready for water crossings. After several inches of rain the night before the crossings we're all still manageable.

5 days ago

In short, the overlooks were underwhelming because of the rain/fog. The waterfalls made up for it and were overwhelming because of the amount of rain. May-Har trail was fantastic and with clear skies, the overlooks would have been too.

An extraordinary ascent alongside cascading waterfalls the entire 1.5 miles each way. Ideal hike. Waterfalls with a bit of a workout .

Great hike! Very rocky and steep inclines. Lots of wildlife including deer, squirrel, toads, newts, corn snakes, and even a box turtle!! Signal Knob's view is amazing too as well as the TV tower up top Mt Massanutten.

Found 18 ticks between the two of us. Be prepared and bring your eco friendly tick repellant.

I took my mother on this hike for Mother’s Day. It was more technical in spots than I was expecting but definitively manageable. The views were beautiful. We hiked to the second overlook for a total of 2.7 miles.

Great climb... Breathtaking views!!

14 days ago

Very good hike, just decent views. The views are on the way up. The end is just where a few trails come together.

Great view at the end for a relatively short hike.

14 days ago

Only did the 4 mile( 2 in, 2 out) fairly simple. lots of trees to provide shade

horseback riding
14 days ago

Beautiful trail! love going up by the reservoir, and all the creek crossings♡

Not a easy hike, it is steep! Very very steep!

Great trail. Lots of rocks, but they make for great unintentional walking squats.

Gorgeous views the entire way. Steep, but not too much to handle.

80% rocky but great views and a great workout . went counter clockwise , saw many nice and recently used primitive campsites but there is a sign in the parking lot stating no camping so I am confused but worth while trail nonetheless

Walked in to the camp site and back. Was a difficult walk with the rocky trail but got better along the way. Crowed parking area, but people spread out enough to make a friendly trail but not crowded. Will do it again soon as an overnighter.

21 days ago

I love this hike! Our family has gone numerous times over the years, but this time I went with 2 friends who had never been. Everyone loved it! I would rate it moderate—the trail is well-marked, well-maintained, strenuous at times but certainly doable and plenty of interesting rest stops (5 waterfalls, a cave, stacked hikers’ rocks). We had a few muddy spots, but it had rained the night before so that was expected. Saw lots of families with dogs. We continued onto the Crabtree Meadows parking lot (Decent Bathroom stop there), then turned around to come back down. Apple Watch said 6 miles total.

Great hike close to wintergreen. When parking, be sure to use the trail entrance on the other side of the road. View point is .5 miles in. We did the full 2.5 but didn’t see another view point after the initial one. Would do it again!

22 days ago

we hiked this trail for the first time the other day. we went to see the falls. but got a bonus when we got the top in tine to see the sunset. i highly recommend this hike. will be going agin very soon!

23 days ago

The parking area is about 1 miles in on an unmarked gravel road (Forest Service right-of-way, but unmarked) so it's not at all obvious. Coordinates for the parking area are N37.91345, W80.00401. The gravel road leading in leaves Morris Hill Road about 100 yds SSW of Laurel Mtn Rd (private). The trail is through mixed hardwoods-pine forest with a heath understory and is easy to follow until you connect with Oliver Mtn Trail the next section of which is a little obscure heading west.

28 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. It’s fairly secluded and not overcrowded. There were so many good spots along the trail for camping. Will definitely be coming back to take advantage of that. Most importantly, the dogs loved it too!

Somewhat difficult to run, but a very nice trail. Missed the turn to Glass Hollow Overlook, so be on the look for the turn. Going all the way to the shelter is really nice and well worth it.
I missed having a detailed description of the trail on AllTrails, but I found one online here - https://www.hikingupward.com/GWNF/DobieMountain/

very steep but worth it with that view!!

1 month ago

I would rate this hike as difficult. Some of the steepest terrain I have hiked on the AT. Made it an overnighter at Harpers Creek. Very crowded...but enjoyable! The only downside to me were the rocky trails. Really have to watch the ankles. Gorgeous views and some of the prettiest Forrest scenery around!

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