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The .8 mile trip up is NO JOKE! It was strenuous, but in a good way! The views at the top were well worth the pain! It was a beautiful Saturday when we visited and VERY busy both on the trail and on the rocks. We took the slow, long way back down. It was about 3 miles, way less crowded, and beautiful!! Overall, great day!

14 hours ago

I have hiked this trail twice now, once alone and once with two children (6 and 7). Spoke with one of the landowners on my last trip who expressed his concerns with some of the hikers, but told us we could use the trail if we so chose to. Of the more beautiful vistas I have had the pleasure of viewing.

My family hiked this route without any issues. I had with me two children ages 6 and 7, and they handled it very well. I would suggest bringing some food and water, as it is a long trip with children. You climb up to the rocks from the parking lot following the .8 of a mile trail. From there you will head back a few hundred feet to a sign post which directs you to the A.T. Follow that up until you come to a intersection with the A.T. sign. From there you will just follow the A.T. north down the mountain until you meet the trail back to the parking lot. The trail was beautiful in October.

Easy, short, and flat. But the view does pay off.

Great views along the way, especially at the top. Nice workout because of the stairs/switchbacks. Would be good for a trail run, however it can be a little crowded/high traffic in some parts.

off road driving
1 day ago

Great trail, only it could use some widening. Anything bigger than your little sister’s tricycle and you’re getting your ride scratched up. We did this trail in a ‘17 Taco 4x4 Off Road and it did fantastic! It was a lot of fun trying out different crawl control speeds and the MTS. Take the trail nice and slow and you’ll do fine.

This was our first trail in the jeep, definetly not for beginners. The "alternate" routes are a bit rough on stock suspension. the water was a bit deeper them it looks in some sections almost 1/4 way up the doors. I thoughti was going to need a winch in one "puddle". driving it in a manual transmission was a fun change though. love the trail. upgrade my suspension and I'm going back, I'm doing the whole 10 miles again.

on Morgan's Loop

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Old forest road. Kind of difficult to find. It leads to many other trails though. Just know that there's not a lot to see. Mountain biking is popular here.

4 days ago

A hike I really enjoy, especially during the fall. There’s a campsite there as well as the overlook is beside the AT. I’d say it’s more than just moderately trafficked. The view, while not being the highest point gives you a unique 360 look around. Great place for sunrise or sunset, just a slight scramble involved to get on top of it.