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Difficult, some of the best views in the state, super pretty and refreshing streams to waterfalls to bathing pools.
I completed 13.6 miles via AT to Mau Haur to AT and returned to start point.
Time with lunch and three or four brief rests and fairly brisk moving we completed this in about 6.5hrs. I highly recommend taking more time to take in the sites, enjoy resting, digesting lunch, and enjoying it all as the elevation changes are difficult.
I consider the loop I did harder than the Priest, as it was quite longer and similar in terrain and ascending elevation change over distance
Difficult, beautiful, rewarding

12 days ago

Great short hike. You can take the extra short way to the top to save time. However, it is much harder and straight up! The view at the top is Worth the hike!

12 days ago

Most of the hike is by the falls! The sound of the water makes it a soothing ,chill hike.

12 days ago

Gorgeous falls!

18 days ago

!!!UPDATE!!! I'm sorry to say this but there have been some recent developments that have resulted in the trail from the Parking lot to the AT trail to be posted as no trespassing. This decision was done by a land owner that has had problems with the hikers on his property in the area. This was NOT done by any land owners living on this road. We are all trying to work around a solution but until this happens, please use the alternate route.

There are two alternate routes to Spy Rock from Meadows Lane road. Meadows lane road is a state maintained gravel road off Route 56 that goes to a parking lot at the top of Crabtree falls trail (called Crabtree meadows). Most cars can travel on this road in normal weather. These alternate hiking routes are slightly longer in distance but not as difficult to hike (less elevation change). They are both on National forest property so camping is allowed everywhere (follow NF camping rules). Take Meadows lane road towards Crabtree meadows, at about 3.2 miles, you will see a 4WD dirt road heading off to the right and a bunch of car camping sites (the topo map on this web site shows this road). Hike up this 4WD road past a gate until the road crosses the AT trail, head south (right) on the AT trail towards Spy Rock. The second (longer hike) option would be to continue driving to Crabtree meadows parking area (3.8 miles), there is a public bathroom/outhouse at this parking lot. Park here and hike uphill on Meadows lane road until it crosses the AT trail and head south (right) towards Spy Rock. E-mail me if you have questions.

18 days ago

on Buzzard Rocks

18 days ago

Great trail, nice maintained trail with great views and different terrain changes.

Due a land dispute between the private property owner and the public property, access to the trail head was closed off when we went today.

Great hike, fun swimming holes and opportunities to jump off rocks into the stream. Crossing the stream can be a little tricky trying to stay dry.

Wasn't too populated when we went. Really beautiful scenery. Just difficult enough to challenge a newbie, but not enough that it can't easily be tackled with a little sore muscles the next day. Brought my dog. Trails are well marked but parking wasn't.

Amazing view and scenic waterfalls. The sunrise slowly lights up the mountains at the top but so much of the experience is at each stop along the trail where you can sit and watch the waterfalls.

21 days ago

Hard but only one view and water in one spot.

Do not recommend this for kids, it is very very steep and there are sections of the trail that are complete rock/narrow paths on the edge of the slopes. Not very scenic but overall is a good challenging hike, I brought my dog he did just fine.

Lots of different trails and variations. Okay view wherever we ended up in 30 minutes. Great river rock scramble and rock scrambling up to our view

25 days ago