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Did this for the first time @ sunrise - highly recommend! It was quite easy to reach the top. Only took us about 25-30 mins. We reached the top around 6:40am. It was a Saturday and there were already about 10 people at the top waiting! We took the long way down to get some more hiking in which added another 3ish miles. Really fun hike and would definitely do again at sunrise!

I started counter clockwise and was fairly easy at first, but after a few miles became more difficult. There was definitely a lot of steep inclines and declines. I wasn't expecting to see houses in the start and end of the trail, but the trail quickly became pretty remote. Probably the hardest one day hike I have done anywhere around this area. Some great views and nice waterfalls.

1 day ago

Beautiful hike and the waterfall is beautiful too

My daughter and I are our dog hiked this trail over Labor Day weekend 2016. It was very hot out but the hike was fantastic - only saw one other person and the view was amazing! Note to fellow dog owners - dogs do NOT need to be kept on leash - per the national forest guidelines, leashes are only required in developed recreation areas and interpretive trails. This trail is neither. https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/gwj/learning/safety-ethics

nature trips
6 days ago

Wonderful trail to take my 3 year old toddler on. Most beautiful view I've seen in a long time

Pretty overgrown and we were really hoping for some picturesque views which we didn't find. Seemed like there were lots of paths nearby though so next time we would explore those.

off road driving
7 days ago

This trail was a lot of fun! There are some pretty large rocks, and deep water crossings, however. I personally wouldn't recommend it to someone with a stock vehicle or even a wide one.

If you park off Meadows Lane road and hike the alternate route (up the 4WD Cash Hollow road turn right on the AT trail) it is about 2.5!miles each way (5 total). About 750 ft elevation change (less then the Fish Hatchery route). Plan on an hour and a half each way. See Dave Pitman recorded track on this app site below, it is the correct alternate route (it shows the distance as 2.4 miles one way).

As for the no trespassing signs on Spy Rock roads being "illegal", all I can say is it's currently in the process of being determined. If you have a high clearance vehicle, I recommend using the alternative route (it's better). What started all the problems was hikers not respecting private property. Spy Rock road is on private property, The more people that ignore the no trespassing signs the more difficult it will be to reach a compromise w/ some of the landowners. If you have a low clearance vehicle, you can use the Crabtree Falls lot off route 56 (a full day hike). If you have to use the Spy Rock road, please be quiet and respect the fact that there have been issues w/ people hiking thru this area. Hopefully this will get resolved soon....

8 days ago

Nice trail with very scenic views along the top ridge. The trail is very sandy and loose at times, and cobbly and rocky at others. Once you reach the first overlook with views of the hatchery, it becomes a ridge hike with some interesting geologic features made of quartzose conglomerate. Not difficult due to steepness, but rather due to all the rocks. Most of the ten groups we saw hiked in sneakers, but I like my ankles, so I am glad we wore sturdy shoes. There were three discernable campsites along the trail. We started at 8 am on Sunday 9/17 and saw about ten other groups during our two hour hike.

9 days ago

You can have a good workout. The views were ok, nothing amazing but still a good hike with different terrains to work with.
Mosquitoes repellent can be a good idea.