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rock climbing
16 hours ago

Good hike for those who like to go up and down the rock scrambles. Word of advice though, make sure you head up with enough time to come down while it's still daylight. The purple trail markers, while easy enough to see going up, are very easy to miss going back down, especially if it gets dark. Two of us thought we had enough time to get down before dark, but the climb up took a bit longer than expected and we ended up taking multiple wrong turns coming down the rock scramble. Only the GPS map tracking through this app helped up find the path every time we got off it, but we were definitely creating our own paths at times and trying to do this in the dark was not a good time.
Overall, the views were good and the rock scramble fun on the way up, but not something I have a need or desire to go back to.

I am fairly out of shape, but I was determined to make it to the top. There are spots to stop and rest along the way, and all the hikers we ran into were friendly and encouraging. The hike up was gorgeous, as we were surrounded by trees, and the view at the top was worth the effort!

Lots of rocks after flat top rock. Other than that it was a beautiful hike and pretty eazy. Did it with my Boy Scout Troop who had limited hicking experience and we were able to goto harpers creek shelter in 7 hours to camp.

off road driving
1 day ago

Took 200% stock 2018 tacoma trd offroad to this trail.
Awesome trail, mix of lots of lose rocks, rock crawling, water crossing and at the end (BRP side) its just nice relaxed, smoother road with nice view. Mostly easy with few tricky spots (big drop with good size rocks etc) where my passenger had to spot me from outside.

I got stuck in deeper water where one of my wheel got completely submerged, but thankfully I got myself out with crawl control. But there was a jeep that also got stuck in water and flooded engine, but there was heavy rain couple days ago. Hopefully this give you some idea of risk.

Good amount of camping sites, couple of them w/ really nice views.

There is nothing super hard about this trail. It’s long but not hard.

The Crabtree falls part is especially easy and people were doing it with young kids.

If it’s a foggy day you might not be able to easily see the priest shelter- the AT connects to another trail called priest’s wilderness so if you wanted to go longer than 8 miles as stated here you could.

Plenty of places to camp along the AT as well.

Amazing trail, my fiancé and my favorite one we have done to date.

Beautiful variation in scenery and amazing river.

Have to scramble at some places but are rewarded for it.


off road driving
1 day ago

Took my Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 4” lift on 33’s out there to the Blue Ridge Trail two weeks ago. The main trail was a blast with some trickier sections on it that can be avoided. Also there’s shorter alternative trails off the main trail that’ll really test your rig, really narrow and rocky too...scratched my paint pretty good (buffed most of them out). Will definitely be going back soon!

1 day ago

Great hike. However going counter clockwise thru the loop, after the first overlook (1.5 miles) there are several rock piles across the trail and rocks off and on for the next mile or two. Be sure to wear the proper shoes and take care. The overlooks are quite spectacular. I was however disappointed at Signal Knob overlook looking west as the small Maple trees have grown to block a lot of the view that was so breathtaking just a couple of years ago. I hope the trail maintenance crew in that area can trim those back as the view really has been compromised. Saw 4 solo's and 3 pairs of hikers all day. Temps in the 50's and cloudy.

This is the kid friendly hike as opposed to one of the hardest in the region which begins at the Brandywine recreation area at the bottom of the mountain. That hike is 6 miles or so with about 2400-2500 in elevation. It's no joke, but is a GREAT workout.

Nice hike and the view was spectacular.

2 days ago

Just got back from an overnight with my husband and our dog from Half Moon Mountain. We had a late start on Friday evening (only two hours before sunset) and knew we had to move quickly if we didn’t want to set up camp/ find a site in the dark. We hiked the loop counter clockwise per other users recommendations. We found a camp site (one of the only sites left!) about 3.5 miles in next to a stream. We definitely weren’t alone, surrounded by about 7 other tents but it didn’t bother us. The walk there was mostly uphill, up and down quite a few steep gullies. It was hard work, but nothing horrible, considering we had 20lb packs and we also were practically jogging, trying to beat the sun. The stream worked out perfectly to replenish our water before we left the next morning to finish the loop. When we started hiking the next day, it was straight uphill from the campsite till the summit. Reached the summit in about an hour and a half from camp and had the place to ourselves. When we came down we had a portion of maybe 1.5-2 miles of VERY steep trail. I was SO GLAD we had hiked counter clockwise when I saw what I would have had to walk up if I had gone the original way of the loop. After that it leveled to a grassy, wide walkway. Wowwww that felt good on the knees after all the steep, rocky downhill. From there we continued on to pass many streams. I recommend waterproof shoes for sure. There was a tricky part at one of the stream crossings where the correct way to go didn’t even seem to have a trail, but we had used GPS so we could see we needed to keep going straight (literally almost in the stream) and then after about 5 mins the trail became clearly visible again. I’m not sure if it’s because of the amount of rain we’ve had this summer, but the blazes were very faded in a lot of sections. After all the stream crossings it was a lot of rolling hills, grassy, muddy, small rocks. Great hike overall. I agree with the other users saying this hike is more ‘hard’ than moderate because of the one, very steep and rocky section, otherwise moderate terrain and elevation. Campsites are very limited. On the summit we only spotted about 3 sites. Where we stayed, was the most plentiful. View is outstanding and a nice chilly wind comes off the summit. I would definitely do it again. Also, although we saw maybe 10 people when we camped, we only saw two other people on the trail the entire day. If solitude is your thing, this would be a good day hike. Lots of freshwater sources for backpackers and dogs!

3 days ago

Just as promised, 3 Ridges delivered on the hardness! Excellent view on night 2, with a crazy night sky.

Nice loop. If you do the loop counter clockwise you get the water crossing more toward the end of the trail... ...there are a lot of them. The water was deep today so that added to the challenge if getting myself and my dog across. There is a section on gravel road where you can really haul ass down hill. Only one really pretty look out area though ...at least until maybe the leaves start coming down.

hike is short but steep! gets tough when you get to the rocky section near the top if the rocks are wet, very slick, especially coming back down, if its super wet i would recommend going down and doing the loop back to the parking lot its longer but way easier. views at the top are always worth the hike up i do this one fairly often, if you still feel like hiking afterwards the albright trail is in the same parking lot and it is a nice trail to add on some extra miles plus it is much less busy and has a nice overlook too.

Excellent and higher end of moderate for those hiking with kids.

8 days ago

Our first overnight backpacking trip did not disappoint. Very challenging carrying over 20lbs backpack. Parked at Reid’s gap and made it to Maupin shelter. Stayed on the AT (not mah-har) and learned we should have filled our water bladders as we did not see any water sources until harpers creek. Took about 5 hours to enjoy the view and take in everything we were learning to get from Maupin to harpers creek. Once at harpers creek shelter refilled our water and took off for mah-har which was very tough. Beautiful waterfall and creeks along the way but too tough to make it back to Maupin. Stayed overnight in a valley next to the creek in one of the few flat spots along the Mah-har. Finished the mah-har the next morning and back to Reid’s gap. Enjoyed the challenge and would do it again for the great views.

VERY CHALLENGING HIKE! We did it in one day from 8:50am to 5:50pm. Al together we took less than 1hr break. iPhone tracked 14 miles with absolutely no deviation from the track.
It’s definitely not a hiking for beginners. I’m training for a half marathon (one month away) and I was pretty much maxed out at a certain point. This is a very hard hike to do in one day.
It has A LOT of very steep ascent and descent. About 4 summits, so a lot of elevation gain. There is no flat or “road” terrain. It’s either steep up or down. Lots of rock scrambles specially on the Mau-har trail. Mau-har we did about 1 mile per hour. Don’t underestimate. It’s tough specially if you are doing in one day and hit the mau-har already tired!
We did the clockwise route. No water on the first half, and lots on the second. I took a 3L water bladder and didn’t finish it.
The 1.6 miles of AT that leads from parking lot to the “loop” is moderate, which is good to warm up for the hard work out and to cool down at the end of the day.
Even tho starting at mile 3 it’s a hard hike, the mal har trail is the most challenging! It’s also the most beautiful since you see a nice water fall and walk along some creeks.
I only saw people that were camping. We didn’t. As I said we did it all in the same day. But if camping is your thing, that may be the best way to do it.
It was a very fog day (whole day) so we couldn’t see anything from up there. There are 2-3 places that presumably has good views. And there one decent water fall and other smaller creeks. Walk along the water fall for half mile. Overall a nice hike but not for the views. Go if you want to take a challenge

Didn’t do the whole trail maybe 40% if it and the views were underwhelming. At least for the eastern side of the loop.

Excellent hike to tower and spectacular 360-degree view

Followed GPS to trailhead; found signs to “beach pond” but not mud pond. Very muddy

Went on a one night overnight to Duncan Knob with my dog and had an overall good time. The trail was incredibly swampy on the yellow part of the trail going up and, without waterproof shoes, you are guaranteed to get your feet wet. Also, am glad I brought bug spray because the bugs were relentless on that part of the trail. Note that there are no good water sources on this part of the trail before Duncan Knob so plan accordingly. Once we got to Duncan Knob it was great to camp out and we had the sites to ourselves.

On the way back around the other side of the loop, the trail was much less swampy and buggy (although still muddy) and we got to see a black bear running away from us into the forest. I did find later when returning home that hundreds of tick larva had found their way onto my ankles so make sure to check yourself for ticks and wear pants as a precaution. This part of the trail was much better and had a good source of water.

If I were to do this trip again I’d take an out and back path past middle mountain up to Duncan Knob and back the same way (counter clockwise up, clockwise back) to avoid the swampy part of the trail, even thought it was much steeper.

on Panther Falls

10 days ago

Not sure who logged the trail but both the starting point and trail are completely off. You have to drive about a mile further to an actual starting point and then it’s just easy to follow down to the falls. It’s rather small so it can get crowded. The drive was more fun than the bike.

10 days ago

Nice, short hike that will definitely have you breathing hard towards the end. The views from the top are pretty good too! I’ve taken my dog twice and she’s managed well. Both times I’ve gone we were the only ones on the trail.

wanted to hike in to Wallace Peak from Scotchtown Draft Rd and then return. the first two miles the trail was in good condition at two miles we went through some pricker bushes on the trail but it was just a nuisance. once we hit three miles we entered some serious brambles that got worse and worse. After fighting through them for a quarter mile we gave up when they looked to continue along the ridge top. Judging by how bad they were I would say it has been awhile since anyone traversed this end of the trail. If the brambles were cut back it would have been a nice quiet hike.

on Vances Cove

11 days ago

Is the trail head up someone's driveway? I used this app to go to the trail head and it is a residential driveway ... am I mistaken?

11 days ago

Hike is part of the Three Ridges backpacking/camping trail, trails along the AT until you get to the viewpoint, has a pretty steady incline the majority of the way up but the view from Hanging rock is definitely worth it it was one of my favorite viewpoints on the Parkway so far the hike back was mainly downhill would recommend trekking pole/stick for the rocky parts of the trail especially coming down

This was my first real hike ever, and I'd say it's more of an "easy" hike. Except we never made it all the way up because we were still learning how to follow markers. A bit of a stream to cross, so that was fun (no sarcasm, that actually was fun)! Great beginner hike!

So much fun like ridiculous amounts of fun check out some videos of trail ajsgen1tacoma on the gram Gets Rocky

It was fun !!! Ajsgen1tacoma on the gram check out vids main trail is great for a lifted truck But we found some supplementary trails can really beat up your truck just be careful gets Rocky all in all a great day

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