Positives - The incline up the north trail is pretty decent, so a nice workout on glutes.

Negative - I really came for the "view" on my workout but there wasn't a scenic view at all.

The AT is pretty much always awesome. Prefer the bigger mountains (and associated views) just a bit farther away but this is a great place to hike and run whether it be north or south on the AT from here.

I am section hiking the AT, this was one of the longer days. Dropped a car at Tucker's Lane off RT55 in Linden, VA then drove to Sky Meadow park as the jump off. It's 2 miles up hill to get to AT. Once on the AT its very moderate through out. Total hike was about 12 miles.

It was a moderate trail. I recorded about 6 miles but my map only started to record the return trip which was 3.2. It was fun not many people and I saw about 10 dears. There might be some bears around, I saw lots of scat on the actual trail but didn't see a bear (thank god! ).

First real hike reasonably intense!

Great show - the Trillium were in bloom