nice 5 Mile round trip out and back up to the Manassas Gap shelter. Good water flow a few times throughout the way. Very muddy this time of year and I'm glad I had ankle support because of all the rocks. Great path ran into some thru-hikers. one of them named Maverick just like in the movie haha
drink 3 liters of water on this hike.

happy travels!

The trail shown here is a nice way to get in from the south end of Thompson. Once in, there are numerous other trails looping through, some with moderate elevations including part of the AT. They do not have blazes but are easy to follow and loop around, so download or bring a map (or take a pic of the map at the kiosks). You can enter the area from the west as well, and from the east near the lake. Never very crowded when I have been here, and beautiful.

Positives - The incline up the north trail is pretty decent, so a nice workout on glutes.

Negative - I really came for the "view" on my workout but there wasn't a scenic view at all.

trail running
Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The AT is pretty much always awesome. Prefer the bigger mountains (and associated views) just a bit farther away but this is a great place to hike and run whether it be north or south on the AT from here.

I am section hiking the AT, this was one of the longer days. Dropped a car at Tucker's Lane off RT55 in Linden, VA then drove to Sky Meadow park as the jump off. It's 2 miles up hill to get to AT. Once on the AT its very moderate through out. Total hike was about 12 miles.

It was a moderate trail. I recorded about 6 miles but my map only started to record the return trip which was 3.2. It was fun not many people and I saw about 10 dears. There might be some bears around, I saw lots of scat on the actual trail but didn't see a bear (thank god! ).

First real hike reasonably intense!

Great show - the Trillium were in bloom

Over- nighted this one!!

Sunday, April 02, 2017