Easy trail. Lots to see. Be smarter than me and don't do this on a day with 95% humidity.

trail running
5 days ago

Definitely a bit more challenging than "easy", but really fun. Lots to see.

Beautiful morning for a hike around the James River.

Great trail did the entire trail got in some great cardio skill levels are marked on the trail if you want to add some difficulty didn't like the markings for directions after the bridge by the boulevard kinda got lost but otherwise great

Great trail for hiking just be careful to lookout for bikers and be sure to avoid the poison ivy!

Beautiful trail. Good for jogging and mountain biking.

mountain biking
2 months ago

trail running
3 months ago

Great for mountain biking or running a time trail 5k. The name of the park speaks for itself, plenty of trees and hills!

Great trail right in the middle of the city! Can get a little crowded on the weekends and bikers need to be careful. You will occasionally run into an off-leash dog. As a biker and dog lover I would hate to cause any harm so I try to nicely ask the owner to leash their pup. Buttermilk west of Reedy Creek is probably the most technical part of the trail and a ton of fun!

An excellent leg and sure footedness workout!