My review is purely based on the rating. This is a great 5 star trail but....................should be rated as difficult for mountain biking. I am not a beginner and would consider myself moderately experienced at my rip age of 47. My 10yr old son and wife however are not as experienced and I ended up carrying their bikes up many challenging hills. I kept my head up but should have listened to the wife and turned around in the beginning and gone some place else. The trail is very hilly up and down, up and down along the river. The trail is narrow which is not a big deal but there a lots of very large roots, rocks and boulders. We did the complete trail (both side of the river) and I would do it again as a challenge for myself but I will never take the wife back. I'd take my son back when he gets older and more experience. Some parts are easy but I would say 50% is very difficult and 50% is easy.

Richmond has so much to offer and this trail and its sub-trails are a great example.

Nice profile, but for hikers a bit boring. You are always at "the same place ". I would say it my be perfect for bikers and runners. You can always add a bit...

Portions of the trail were not clearly marked and I would rate this more as a low moderate rather than easy. We managed to hike the loop with a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year in a backpack and managed but there was definitely some difficulty.

Great route to run that is easy to follow and has a large variety of terrain. I would highly recommend everyone in town to at a minimum hike these to see Richmond from another perspective.

For those that want to push, the entire loop is runnable with most ascents and descents not lasting too long. Nothing overly difficult to run over either along the way.

Well paved and interesting route, easy to make it a loop and increase your distance with Belle Isle and buttermilk trails!

Great loop, I would agree it is more at the low end of moderate than easy because of certain stretches but nothing truly difficult. Really pleasant hike with lots of different scenery and a good workout.

This is an incredibly beautiful trail. One word of caution however: this trail is rated as easy even though half of it is the buttermilk trail which is, according to this site, moderate. I was not prepared for the terrain on the buttermilk trail, but still made it around the loop! The bikers were all friendly and able to share the trail. We went slowly, savoring the sights and sounds, and made this a four hour tour.