Arrived around 830 on a beautiful Saturday. No problem finding a spot in the Reedy Creek parking lot. Challenging trail with lots if up and done. Narrow trail so keep an eye out for cyclists. Everyone was great about sharing the trail. Easy to follow. The only part that confused us was walking across the Lee Bridge. there is no walking bridge. Once you come off the bridge, James River Park is immediately on your right. The stone fence is a perfect place to rest before jumping back on trail for the last 2-3 miles.

One negative to this trail is that there are not many spots to pull off to rest or take a break.

Look forward to coming back and doing it again.

My review is purely based on the rating. This is a great 5 star trail but....................should be rated as difficult for mountain biking. I am not a beginner and would consider myself moderately experienced at my rip age of 47. My 10yr old son and wife however are not as experienced and I ended up carrying their bikes up many challenging hills. I kept my head up but should have listened to the wife and turned around in the beginning and gone some place else. The trail is very hilly up and down, up and down along the river. The trail is narrow which is not a big deal but there a lots of very large roots, rocks and boulders. We did the complete trail (both side of the river) and I would do it again as a challenge for myself but I will never take the wife back. I'd take my son back when he gets older and more experience. Some parts are easy but I would say 50% is very difficult and 50% is easy.

Richmond has so much to offer and this trail and its sub-trails are a great example.

Nice profile, but for hikers a bit boring. You are always at "the same place ". I would say it my be perfect for bikers and runners. You can always add a bit...

Portions of the trail were not clearly marked and I would rate this more as a low moderate rather than easy. We managed to hike the loop with a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year in a backpack and managed but there was definitely some difficulty.