I found it to be an fun trail with a terrific payoff. The waterfall is beautiful. The only issue I have is the amount of trash around the waterfall. Today, when I visited, a cooler was on rocks on the right of the waterfall view. There were beer bottles and plastic water bottles everywhere. I was able to fill a trash bag (someone had left a few tied up on a sign) pretty quickly. I was shocked at the disrespect for such a wonderful place, but it didn't get in the way of enjoying the sounds and views of Scott's Run.

Fun and easy trail. Too many people on the weekends.

18 days ago

I like that area. We came there around 10am on Saturday and find parking was a challenge. Trail was a little busy but easy to walk. Small waterfall is cute, water cold but still it is not too bad. So many people were swimming there so it wasn't very quiet but still nice.

1 month ago

Lesser known dog friendly gem near the city. My favorite for a quick dose of magic.