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Mountain Gateway At Cumberland Gap, the first great gateway to the west, follow the buffalo, the Native American, the longhunter, the pioneer... all traveled this route through the mountains into the wilderness of Kentucky. Modern day explorers and travelers stand in awe at this great gateway and the many miles of trails and scenic features found in the park.

I have hiked this trail shown on the map and THIS trail on the map is not the Pinnacle overlook trail from the Iron Furnace. This trail on the map is from an area off Hwy 988, near Sugar Run. Great hike just not accurate.

on Gibson Gap Trail

1 month ago

A great hike,Hoss and I hiked around 12 miles starting on the Gibson trail,which had a great climb.We went up on the ridge trail which was a winter wonderland,very beautiful!! Then we came off at Star light cave which was beautiful!!

Hiked this in 2015 . Amazing views and the sand cave is awesome. Great park and people.

Great trail. Major elevation gains in the end. The views from White Rocks are amazing and the Sand Cave is awesome. Definitely worth the leg burner hike!

2 months ago

Awesome way to get to Hensley Settlement and Sand Cave. Good trail head parking and plenty of space. Beautiful hike up with great views but WOW better save this one for Leg day! It is a smoker the last bit. But worth every step.

Great trail for hiking it’s easy there’s a couple steep places. Great for kids, grand parents hiked it with our whole family.

nice easy loop trail with the trail head next to the visitors center.

one of my favorite trails I have ever hiked sand cave and white rocks offer wonderful views.

4 months ago

A good walk in the woods. Steep climb up and very steep coming down.

This was a fantastic hike. Long and difficult, I really enjoyed it. The only drawback was the amount of clouds kept me from seeing a good distance when I got to White Rock. All in all the hiking experience was fantastic though.

This was a difficult and entertaining hike. But I was bummed out to find that the cave and waterfall that are advertised are not on this hike. That is the Sand Cave and White Rock Trail.

Great little hike. good views with some major historical significance.

This is why I hike! Great trail, lots of uphill but nothing technically challenging. Glorious view at the top.

Nice and shady on hot days!

5 months ago

Fun hike. The kids love the idea of standing in and seeing three states at once.

Great trail!

Lots to see. Plenty of spots to camp. there's definitely some tough spots with incline and rocks but also some stretches of level trail.

Sand cave is one of the most interesting features on any of the hikes we have done! Took about 5 hours but we took our time and spent an hour at the cave watching kids sled down. This is a moderate hike with a couple steep sections.

Hensley settlement is pretty neat to see, there are probably easier ways to get there though. This trail is very steep. My ears popped twice on the way up!

5 months ago

This trail is connected via Wilderness Road Trail. The elevation climbs quickly, but easy enough. The view is spectacular.

6 months ago

Definitely recommend walking stick or poles to help you climb up very steep rocky terrain. End result Hensley settlement is amazing sight to see!!!

The trail head is located at the welcoming center. Saw lots of animals hanging around. Good short hike if you want to stretch your legs.

Nice easy hike in the woods. It starts and ends at the welcome center

I absolutely loved this hike. It was perfect weather and beautiful day for views. The terrain is moderate and hard on the knees coming down.

6 months ago

The trail crosses the Kentucky/Virginia border several times. It was cold and rainy on the day we went but it was worth it.

Good hike from Iron Furnace, just under two miles each way. Stay straight at tri peaks turn off then right at fork headed up, then another right where the sign says toward Pinnacle. Don't get off on any of the roads the trail crosses. 1,200 foot elevation gain so moderately challenging but nothing technically complicated. Forested almost the whole time, with expansive view at the top. 90 minutes up and back if you don't need rests.

We took our two year old in the carrier to just the White Rocks overlook and back. This was 6 miles roundtrip with 2k in elevation gain. Turn right at mile 2.5 under the hitching post, head up to the trail intersection at mile 3. There are several signs but none tell you to turn right for the overlook. The White Rocks camp area is straight at this intersection but you can't even really see a trail. Not much to look at one the way up but still really nice and peaceful. The view at the top is stellar. Trail well maintained. Moderate traffic, more than I expected. Lots of dogs (on leash) on the trail. No signs of bear but we saw snake, frog, salamander, snow caterpillar, and vultures at the viewpoint. Sand cave would've added 2.5 miles or so along the ridge from what I could tell.

easy well maintained trail. great views!

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