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We hiked this the first morning we were in camping in Cumberland Gap National Park Campground. Great Hike for a short morning trip. If you want to make it half day you can continue up the mountain and access numerous other trails.

Hiked from the pinnacle to the Ewing trailhead. Stayed at chadwell gap campsite. Very pleasant hike and had the campsite to ourselves. Checked out the Hensley Settlement as well which was near the camp. Water was available at the Hensley Settlement.

This is my favorite backpacking trail

The fitness trail is a great little 2mi hike on the edge of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. I love doing this trail in the mornings with my dog. Definitely gets your blood pumping, but I’m not gasping for air at the top of the hills. I like to walk the small paved area last as a nice little cool down.

Started out on the trail around 825am. I chose to hike this loop the clockwise route, seemed to me, after completing this hike, that it was the best choice. The Ewing Trail makes its way up to the ridge line and crosses over into Kentucky at around 3.7 miles. This trail continues for another half mile and intersects with the Ridge Trail. Around a quarter of a mile downhill you will come to the Sand Cave Spur Trail which leads you another quarter mile downhill to the cave. The waterfall was flowing good today and the sands were cold. Yes, why walk in sand with your shoes on? After exploring the cave which I had all to myself, I continued towards White Rocks. I was very surprised that the trail was fairly level. At around 6.3 miles, I was at the junction of the short cut and then at 6.9 miles I was on top of White Rocks a little further past the first overlook area enjoying the views. On my trek down I took the short cut to complete the loop and then back down the Ewing Trail 2.5 miles back to the parking area. With minimal breaks and sock changes, I completed this hike in 4 hours and 45 minutes, logging 9.9 miles.

The caves with the waterfall and white pebbles in the steam made the hike unique. Its worth the extra hike to the white rocks.

Great hike! great view from White Rock, Sand Cave is amazing too

Very nice, relatively easy, quick hike that can be done in about 30 minutes. It is a relaxing hike with a wide path and cool surrounding, which include benches if you just want sit and enjoy the woods. Dog friendly (on leash) and there are places that you can take off path to get to picnic areas near the creek. I do this hike upwards of 2-3 times a week. Recommend to beginners or people that just want to be outside a little bit.

Definitely not a hike for a quitter but totally worth the effort!

Great trail if your just getting into hiking or you want to walk your dog. It’s beautiful.

It was stupid of me to make this my first hiking trip. I convinced a bunch of my friends to come backcountry camping. Out of everyone in the group, I was the novice. I brought too much unnecessary stuff, and was woefully out of shape. Incline all the way up, and had to abandon some of my gear and water. The ordeal was excruciating. I fell plenty of times. But the forest, wildlife, and silence was some of the most beautiful moments I've experience in my life. Having the refreshing water of sand cave wash over me was worth the pounds of muds I tracked on the way up. We camped for a couple days. Best couple of days of my life. We burned the fat off our souls

as we went up it got foggy enjoy the trail hope to go back on a clear day

This was our first ever backpacking trip. My wife, myself, and our friend. The payoffs on this trail are pretty great. Fern covered forest for backcountry camping, sand cave, and the views from White Rocks are all winners. For the difficulty? Not too bad. Is it all uphill from the trailhead to White Rocks? Pretty much, and given this was our first ever venture to the backcountry we took it pretty slow. It is however only 3 miles of uphill. So given the short distance it is very doable, even with a pack filled with a ton of stuff we didn't use or need (like I said, this was our first ever trip - rookie mistakes...haha). Go do the trail, spend some time in the cave, and enjoy breakfast up on White Rocks, you won't be disappointed. A great trip to introduce us to the world of backcountry hiking and camping!

Hiked this in 2015 . Amazing views and the sand cave is awesome. Great park and people.

Great trail. Major elevation gains in the end. The views from White Rocks are amazing and the Sand Cave is awesome. Definitely worth the leg burner hike!

5 months ago

Awesome way to get to Hensley Settlement and Sand Cave. Good trail head parking and plenty of space. Beautiful hike up with great views but WOW better save this one for Leg day! It is a smoker the last bit. But worth every step.

nice easy loop trail with the trail head next to the visitors center.

one of my favorite trails I have ever hiked sand cave and white rocks offer wonderful views.

This was a fantastic hike. Long and difficult, I really enjoyed it. The only drawback was the amount of clouds kept me from seeing a good distance when I got to White Rock. All in all the hiking experience was fantastic though.

This was a difficult and entertaining hike. But I was bummed out to find that the cave and waterfall that are advertised are not on this hike. That is the Sand Cave and White Rock Trail.

Nice and shady on hot days!

Lots to see. Plenty of spots to camp. there's definitely some tough spots with incline and rocks but also some stretches of level trail.

Sand cave is one of the most interesting features on any of the hikes we have done! Took about 5 hours but we took our time and spent an hour at the cave watching kids sled down. This is a moderate hike with a couple steep sections.

Hensley settlement is pretty neat to see, there are probably easier ways to get there though. This trail is very steep. My ears popped twice on the way up!

The trail head is located at the welcoming center. Saw lots of animals hanging around. Good short hike if you want to stretch your legs.

Nice easy hike in the woods. It starts and ends at the welcome center

I absolutely loved this hike. It was perfect weather and beautiful day for views. The terrain is moderate and hard on the knees coming down.

We took our two year old in the carrier to just the White Rocks overlook and back. This was 6 miles roundtrip with 2k in elevation gain. Turn right at mile 2.5 under the hitching post, head up to the trail intersection at mile 3. There are several signs but none tell you to turn right for the overlook. The White Rocks camp area is straight at this intersection but you can't even really see a trail. Not much to look at one the way up but still really nice and peaceful. The view at the top is stellar. Trail well maintained. Moderate traffic, more than I expected. Lots of dogs (on leash) on the trail. No signs of bear but we saw snake, frog, salamander, snow caterpillar, and vultures at the viewpoint. Sand cave would've added 2.5 miles or so along the ridge from what I could tell.

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