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Hiked from the pinnacle to the Ewing trailhead. Stayed at chadwell gap campsite. Very pleasant hike and had the campsite to ourselves. Checked out the Hensley Settlement as well which was near the camp. Water was available at the Hensley Settlement.

This is my favorite backpacking trail

I really enjoy this trail. I like starting at the visitors center. Starting here adds 2.2 miles on the round trip distance.

Hiked this in this snow in mid-March. It was absolutely beautiful! It’s mainly uphill going up but coming back down the mountain was a breeze.

3 months ago

I have hiked this trail shown on the map and THIS trail on the map is not the Pinnacle overlook trail from the Iron Furnace. This trail on the map is from an area off Hwy 988, near Sugar Run. Great hike just not accurate.

on Gibson Gap Trail

4 months ago

A great hike,Hoss and I hiked around 12 miles starting on the Gibson trail,which had a great climb.We went up on the ridge trail which was a winter wonderland,very beautiful!! Then we came off at Star light cave which was beautiful!!

5 months ago

Awesome way to get to Hensley Settlement and Sand Cave. Good trail head parking and plenty of space. Beautiful hike up with great views but WOW better save this one for Leg day! It is a smoker the last bit. But worth every step.

7 months ago

A good walk in the woods. Steep climb up and very steep coming down.

This was a difficult and entertaining hike. But I was bummed out to find that the cave and waterfall that are advertised are not on this hike. That is the Sand Cave and White Rock Trail.

This is why I hike! Great trail, lots of uphill but nothing technically challenging. Glorious view at the top.

Great trail!

Lots to see. Plenty of spots to camp. there's definitely some tough spots with incline and rocks but also some stretches of level trail.

Hensley settlement is pretty neat to see, there are probably easier ways to get there though. This trail is very steep. My ears popped twice on the way up!

Good hike from Iron Furnace, just under two miles each way. Stay straight at tri peaks turn off then right at fork headed up, then another right where the sign says toward Pinnacle. Don't get off on any of the roads the trail crosses. 1,200 foot elevation gain so moderately challenging but nothing technically complicated. Forested almost the whole time, with expansive view at the top. 90 minutes up and back if you don't need rests.

Nice easy hike in the woods. Good for kids. Nice picnic area by parking. Not many people. Fully shaded.

Amazing view at the top> If this hike is too long, you can also hike from one of several parking lot strt poins along Pinacle road. (Just be careful they close the gates at sunset)

Steep and very rocky trail that is one of several approach trails to the crest of the Cumberland mountain. Chadwell Gap is not my favorite approach, I enjoy Ewing and Lewis Hollow much more. However, Chadwell allows the best access to Hensley Settlement and Martins Fork.

This trail is pretty tough. fast elevation climb, horse usage, and very steep terrain. The beauty from above is well worth the climb!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

It's a shame that you can't use martins fork cabin anymore. A lot of people don't know about the stoneface rock formation as you get to top of chadwell gap trail. I posted a picture of it from back in the 80s. It is still visible if you know where to look.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The elevation Change makes this much harder than you think.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

This trail is fairly short, but because of the elevation change it was fairly challenging. there aren't any blazes marking the path but it's worn and not too hard to follow even at night. I hiked in at 8 or so at night and made it to Martin's Fork cabin around midnight. Most likely would go faster during daylight hours. the rest of the park is beautiful but there aren't many interesting features on this specific trail.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Hiked this with a group of schoolchildren- the view is worth it all!

Monday, November 28, 2016

This trail can easily be completed in two days. Plan on a very strenuous ascent up the mountain. Trail can be rocky in spots. When up on the ridge anticipate cooler than normal weather and very wet conditions when cloudy. You will have to leave the ridge to find water, but it is available. Make sure to call for campsite reservation well ahead of departing as there is no camping on the trail. This is an absolutely beautiful hike and is physically demanding.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I used to do this trail a couple of times a month when I lived in Harrogate. Its a great day hike from Iron Furnace. The last ~1 mile is the toughest part, but you get a great payoff with the view from the top.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

It is a rough hike but spent the day at the Hensley Settlement so it was worth it. I've also done it just up to the top and back which only gives you the gratification of completion, which is still worth it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Very beautiful overlook. I need to come back to experience it on a better day weather-wise...and so I can hike all the way up from Cumberland Gap TN below (and combine it with the Tri-State Peak Trail).

Friday, September 02, 2016

Hard trail with little payoff. Me and my dog took about four hours to hike to the top and back, starting from the Chadwell Gap parking lot. It's a nice hike until you get to the old foundation right at the foot of the mountain, and then it's straight uphill from there. The trail is rough. Lots of big rocks. The rock formations and cuts in the rock are cool. I was hoping for a big payoff--a great view from the top. Spent about 20 minutes at the summit looking for a view and couldn't see anything through the trees. Disappointed, we hiked back down. Down was harder on my knees than up because of the steep grade, but it was much less strenuous. I probably won't do it again.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We enjoyed several sites along the way to the Sand Cave. We saw deer, smaller cave, incredible rock formations.Downside is the sign was missing at the bottom of the trail and we missed the left to the Sand Cave. We put it in reverse and finally found the cave - a little confusing but definitely worth seeing at least once. Parts of trail were overgrown with briars and the loose rocks were problematic coming down the trail - slipped multiple times - luckily didn't wipe out. Hiked a total of 13.9 miles. Beware of the gnats & horse flies!!

Friday, July 01, 2016

Only hiked part of this trail because we started late in the day but enjoyed it very much and plan to go back and hike the entire trail.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Me and my Girlfriend just walked this trail at 8.6 miles from Cumberland Gap to Pinnacle and around back to Cumberland Gap. It was a wonderful Hike and will do again. Some areas are steep but still was a great hike. We would definitely recommend this.

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