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Mountain Gateway At Cumberland Gap, the first great gateway to the west, follow the buffalo, the Native American, the longhunter, the pioneer... all traveled this route through the mountains into the wilderness of Kentucky. Modern day explorers and travelers stand in awe at this great gateway and the many miles of trails and scenic features found in the park.

Sand cave was really neat. White rocks were OK but had a nice view from the top. A decent hike.

This is one of my top 5 hikes of all time. It's dog-friendly and has cool, unique features. We went up to White Rocks first and spent some time relaxing and enjoying the view. Then we hiked down to Sand Cave and back to the car. It's not an easy hike, but the payoff makes it more than worth it.

11 days ago

Nice hike, amazing views!

this is a tough trail. the final destinations were beautiful though. the waterfall was flowing nicely at the sand cave, the view from the overlook was beautiful. the distances were way off though according to our fitbit. We done the entire loop, with no shortcuts, & it was close to 12 miles & took us about 7 hours. definitely a workout on the legs.

Good trail. Good signs. Hung a hammock in the pavilion and was able to hang in three states at the same time. Pretty neat! We’ll be back.

23 days ago

This is a great little trail. As has been hinted in other reviews, there are parts of this climb that might not feel "easy," but it is in truth not that difficult either. The views are well worth it, and it's pretty unique to be able to hike in three states on the same short hike. The NPS has put a lot of work into this park and there are numerous historic and interpretive signs on the trail. This makes it fun and educational for kids and adults alike!

A must do for any Kentuckian! Historically important locale to America! Stunning scenic views and just a must!

Not a easy hike, i hike a lot and would consider it closer to hard than moderate.
Trail is steep most of the way and rocky.
I do suggest using the short cut on way back. We went to Sand Cave first then went to White rock and back via short cut. Shaves about hour or more off hike.
We did a lot of walking around at overlook, which was amazing.
Took us 5 hours and we clocked 11.2 miles. I’d do it again for sure

really liked it. I would not call it easy though... should be rated moderate in my opinion!

This was awful. Full incline all the way. The smell on the entire trail had us turn back to the car. Made me vomit. And the caves are CLOSED. It’s trespassing if anyone goes near them so keep that in mind. I’ve walked 7 mile hikes with my young kids just fine, they didn’t even finish this one once they saw the stairs. Not worth it at all.

Moderately Hard Trail Rocky Areas and steep some areas. Fun climbing up to white rock and waterfall flowing nicely at the cave Fun Trail!!!

First off, would love to say thanks to the guys who found my phone and placed it on my car!!! Kudos to you!!! Great pic too ;) Loved hiking this trail today. Weather was perfect, partly cloudy and mid 70's. The trail was pretty muddy after several days of rain, but not too bad. There are a couple of very rocky spots. We turned right at the hitching posts and the trail from there to the top is pretty narrow and steep. Turn right at the top to get to the white rocks. Be prepared for a pretty steep climb to them, but the view is so worth it. The cave is awesome! We didn't do the loop, just returned the way we came up. According to the signs, we thought this was about a 7 1/2 mile trip but my Fitbit said we walked 10 miles. Took us about 5 hours.

1 month ago

Well worn trail but distances are incorrect. All trails says 3.7 out and back. The sign at the parking lot says 2.5 miles to the summit. GPS reading was 3 miles one way and the sign at the top going down said 2.8. First mile was easy but the last 2 miles gained over 2000 ft of elevation making it a strenuous hike. Its another 1.1 miles to Hensley Settlement and about another mile wandering around in the settlement. All in all it’s almost 10 miles round trip.

Took us 5 hours to go up to white rocks and and cave. We didn't do the loop, just doubled back to the white Rock trail. Saved about 0.8 miles. The view was great and the cave was really neat. Hike up is steep but not terrible, rocky in parts. I plan on doing this again with my 7 and 10 year old boys, they'd love it.

Great hike with our young kids - short enough and with enough fun views that they didn’t even complain about the incline

great little hike
it is a incline trail
the cave is awesome
would love to go back to explore it futher back.

The Sand Cave and White Rocks Overlook are both awesome! I had seen pictures, but Sand Cave felt so much bigger in person. And the view from White Rocks was great. The actual trail was honestly just okay, in my opinion, but it was worth it to get to Sand Cave and White Rocks. It really is nearly all uphill for the first few miles, so that was definitely a challenge.

hiked this trail from the campground. It was pretty strenuous on the way up but so beautiful with so much history!

This trail has so much to offer! I rate it as moderate if you stay on the main trail. There are worn down trails between the switchbacks that will shorten your travel time, but I do not suggest using them. I slid on one of them which prompted a rattlesnake to go crazy right beside me and I had to scramble back up the path.

The views from on top of White Rocks is amazing, and the sand cave is a unique sight to see!

This trail is very well maintained and the scenery is breathtaking. I think this trail is a little harder than what I consider easy but not really what I would consider moderate. The top is totally worth anyone’s time and effort.

Don’t know why this is rated as hard. Wide, not very rocky trail. Not very steep. The cave is so cool and the overlook is beautiful! Walked up on a rattlesnake while completing this trail yesterday though so be very careful!!!

we did an evening hike..easy located on Virginia side of the gap park. It is a stepping up incline not too difficult and the cave is marked. There is a wooden crossing bridge as soon as you past it.

3 months ago

Amazing hike! It was our first hike this year so it was a little difficult but oh so worth it. From the beauty of the sand cave to views from on top of white rocks.

This trail is HARD.

3 months ago

The scenery and nature never cease to amaze me. One of my favorite views is from the pinnacle overlook.

I wouldn’t call this trail easy, it’s quiet the workout. It’s very steep in parts. But it’s a good short hike if you’re doing it for some intense exercise.

We hiked this the first morning we were in camping in Cumberland Gap National Park Campground. Great Hike for a short morning trip. If you want to make it half day you can continue up the mountain and access numerous other trails.

4 months ago

We walked this trail yesterday in intermittent rain. We are in late 60's, not very active. We thought that it was moderately difficult, due to continuous ascent, steep in places, and fairly rocky. We did have water and good shoes, and used walking sticks. The trek was worth it when we reached the the markers though.

on Tri-State Peak Trail

4 months ago

We hiked with my 8 year old and he loved it and could handle the trail easily. It’s mostly thru the woods and you are at a steady climb all the way up. I would say it’s between easy and moderate. The history of the Cumberland Gap and being able to be in 3 states at once is the highlight. Views not so much.

5 months ago

This is a great trail for anyone who appreciates history. You get to walk through the Cumberland Gap and stand in three states at once at the top. Also, an old iron furnace and nice waterfall just past the trailhead. I would rate moderate, not easy.

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