Nice trail but if I did not have this app I would have been lost! I was confused with the app, the trail started as yellow, went to orange and then blue!

Very nice easy nature walk, would not rate it moderate at all, pretty flat, but nice, if you want a workout you'd better run

A nice walk into the woods, only a few spots where the trail is a bit rocky. Be on the lookout for bikers, on occasion they "sneak" up behind you and make you jump about 20 feet street up. Not to mention screaming like a little kid. (No this didn't just happen to me yesterday, 9/4/2017) :-) I do take the Orange trail as well, and make a stop by Little Bull run. Not much to see there, but a good place for a water and maybe a snack break.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Nice trails mostly covered from the sun... I'll definitely be going back

Simple nature walk very pretty

Easy for kids. Need to be careful with the bikes coming through. Easy hike. Need to get early to find parking spots. Blue trail.