Super cool place to check out right now, they drained the entire reservoir because they're rebuilding the dam so it's a really interesting place to visit. I believe it will be like this for a decent period of time.

Boring trail. very few good views, and poorly maintained on the northern section.

Good trail, peaceful and easy with great views of the water

Dirtiest trail I've been on. Entire length of " blue" marked trail was littered with broken glass. Several beer cans/bottles lay along the trail at different points. Was able to fill a grocery bag (which I also found) with trash in about 45 minutes. At least the rowing team has a nice facility along with a volleyball net.

Amazing trail , came across a tiny tortoise on the trail.

10 months ago

It was ok... Water is beautiful !!! However the walk..... Well I got lost .. Yes Lol there needs to be more signs or whatever. There were many walking trails not near the water but one near the water goes to the main road for cars... I know now but wish I knew when I first went.

Is a goo spot,that after we lost access is back open for some time is good for some hiking,fishing,kayaking,canoeing and many more water activities as permitted,just remember this is a water supply and need to be clean.

Great trail with lots of scenic views of the lake and the reservoir. Plenty of birds near the dam. I loved it.

Good trail and not many people to share it with since most everyone else was in a kayak or on a paddleboard. Nice stroll along the waters edge. Small parking lot on Mt Hope Rd, considering the number of boaters.

The trail is open again as of 5/30/15

As of April 2014, the entire area is closed to all activities. We went on 12-30-2014 to find it closed and under renovation.

Although it was a nice hike and had beautiful scenery, the trail was not kept up. If more people had gone through the trail, it would have been better. I would say it needs to be broken in A bit more.

Loved the trail!! Due to the recent weather there was a lot of muddy areas but other than that the views were beautiful!