Nice trail. clean restrooms.

It was a good trail. Very good starter trail for the my new dog that I adopted. I went in the afternoon on a Sunday and very few other hikers.

Hiked this on a sunny but chilly day. I really enjoyed it. The lake was beautiful and the woods equally as pretty. The trails were very well marked. Highly recommend it!

3 years ago

Nice woods. The "open" part of the trail had no air moving and it was a hot day. This trail did not go down to the lake at all but the lake is not nice at this end anyway.

3 years ago

I set out to bike it but had a malfunction and had to push it back. I ended up walking this easy loop. This trail is accessed from the North side of the lake off Farys Mill Road. The lake at this end is ugly and I fully understand why the rangers wanted their headquarters at the beautiful southern end. More about Loop One, it spends about half it's life in the woods and half out in the open. The woods are nice. The open part is through seven foot wild flowers and a lot of butterflies. This trail is multi-use and there was a lot of horse poo and mountain bike tracks to prove it.

Fantastic ride, not for the beginner; lots of roots, hills, sand, mud and sharp switchbacks. First 4 miles is the more difficult part afterwards it eases a bit. Passed one horse and one fellow biker, otherwise it was squirrels, deer, rabbits, and butterflies. There are some biting flies that will get at you if you stop for a pause, but not terrible near the water in July.

Beautiful views of the lake at every turn. Enjoy the forest, wildlife and fauna. I would give this trail a 5 for beauty but there were soooooo many people.

Wonderful trail. There are provisions for horses along the way but I did not see any horses. This trail runs close to the hiking trail and offers short conectors along the way.

Nice park, beautiful lake and beautiful forest. I went out the hiking trail and came back the multi use trail. There were horse hitches and watering troughs every couple miles but no horse tracks or horse droppings. Same with bikes, there were no tire tracks in the muddy sections of the trail. But it was a beautiful Saturday and the walkers were out.

mountain biking
6 years ago

Nice clean trail. Very easy to negotiate the bike/horse trail from the hikers only trail. It is quite hilly, and be prepared for lots of tree roots on the trail to ride over. I had a late start, so I did not ride the entire trail, but what I did do was very good. I will defiantly head out there again, and ride the whole trail!