on Goose Creek Trail

1 month ago

Good place, good set of trails easy access to goose creek. Few changes may make it better on the trails, they have the names on some poles but after that you don't know what trail you are, colors is a better system as you can mark the trees but with names isn't that easy AND... is only open in weekends, still a good place to go.

secluded. not heavily traveled. trail is still mostly grass. property is only open on weekends. lots of side trails and loops but not a lot of miles. watch of for ticks. lots of tick / lime disease notices posted at entrance to property and parking. if you bring your dogs, make sure he/she is up to date on their monthly preventatives. brought our GSD and had three ticks after a two hour walk. didn't even wander off trail.

overall, it's nice. not a woody trail, more like a nice walk around a large chunk of property.

5 months ago

Really cool and interesting place, unlike surrounding environments

Sunday, September 15, 2013