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3 days ago

Definitely challenging, but worth it! Took the South trail up and down, but made sure to go down to the west outlooks on the north trail side after the summit. Very steep for quite a ways towards the summit, but I’m a beginner hiker and made it.

Très beau point de vue et sentier bien délimité.

6 days ago

Nice view of the lake and beach below!

Sentiers bien entretenus, peu de roches. Point de vue très intéressant, mais peu d’espace pour arrêter dans les points de vue. 2h00 de marche pour gravir le sentier sud.

7 days ago

Took the south trail to summit. Incredible views, beautiful forest. Highly recommend.

10 days ago

For a shorter trail, it sure is strenuous! There are some steep parts to the hike. I hiked up the north trail and down the south trail. If you do this loop, expect to take a right at the bottom of the south trail, walk about a half mile to the road, turn right again and walk about 1.2 miles back to the north trail head. There are 3 lookout points at the top, all with magnificent views. Two of them, as well as the peak, are located on the south trail.

We took the North trail to the top, there were a lot less cars parked there. The trail was very well marked, started out pretty easy then had some decent incline. We went to all 3 look outs. You must, they are all spectacular. The views were just breathtaking. We even got to feed a friendly chipmunk. He took some almonds and pecans right from my hand. My favorite hike this whole year!

Maybe it was my GPS, but the trail head was hard to find. Once we did find it, the hike was nice. Short enough that the kids had no trouble and the views were pretty.

16 days ago

Mount Pisgah and Lake Willoughby is by far a secret Vermont gem. Hiked this trail over the weekend with two overnight primitive camping near the summit. The trail itself is rather worn from repeated traffic, and with the rock stairs and frequent switchbacks, makes for a rather easy to intermediate hike for any age group. There are many overviews along the trail-- at mile 1 on this 1.9 mile hike you will reach pulpit rock overlooking the southern beach of Lake Willoughby; at 1.9 mile summit you have a southern commanding view of the Connecticut River Valley with the non-view summit within 50 yards. Further beyond on the northern descent you have three spectacular western overviews of the Lake, Mount Hor and Mount Wheeler a little to the North. Along this part of the trail there are several primitive camp sites as well. A very easy and enjoyable hike.

17 days ago

Great views, easy hike for all ages. Trail showed obvious signs of high traffic, could not tell where the original trail was due to the trail being wide as I am tall and probably wider. Most definitely a one time hike.

Ma rando préféré cette année... pas trop longue mais demande un bon effort. il n'y a pas de top mais vous avez des petits endroits magnifiques ou vous pourrez avoir une vue sur le lac et sur les autres montagnes au loin !! ça vaut vraiment la peine c'est beau beau beau. arrivez tot et allez vous baigner dans le lac willoughby juste en bas il y a une superbe plage turquoise. l'eau est froide mais apres une rando comme celle la c'est la vie. amusez vous bien !

I started walking up and the trail is in very good condition. Great views along the way. On this day views were not that optimal because of foggy conditions.

22 days ago

They have primitive camp available there and it was awesome!!

Intermediate difficulty hike for outdoor lovers. Once you reach the top continue to the west side for a breathtaking view of the mountains and the lake.

24 days ago

Beautiful hike for a beautiful view of Lake Willoughby. Well maintained and perfect for our 6 and 8 year olds.

28 days ago

here is the GPS coordinates for the start of the trail. there's a parking right next to it. The East viewpoint is the nicest one

on Mount Pisgah Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful view ! The leaves were colourful, and the lake was blue turquoise. Not too challenging, just enough if you don't stop! Would recommend

Was a great little hike, definitely a steep hike, but worth it. If you’re looking for a nice workout/hike and don’t have a lot of time, this is the hike for you.

I really enjoyed this trail! The trailhead is not visible from the road but it wasn’t hard to find. There are several overlooks and each one is worth the stop. When you get to the summit, hike just a little bit past it to see another great view that looks over New Hampshire. The North Trail also connects to the South and East trails so you can hike down a different side of the mountain if you choose.

Great hike with amazing views!!

1 month ago

Was expecting a nice leisure trail with some possible views based on the short distance but I can tell you this trail is no joke. We took the North side and although it is short the incline is pretty steep. Great way to get the heart rate going and doesn’t push you for too long. The view is great as well just be warned it’s not like most summits as there is no real flat ground to sit on and enjoy lunch while looking out, just a small un level rock face.

1 month ago

vue magnifique au sommet....vraiment une belle randonnée

1 month ago

Great hike! Once you have reached the sign that says “Mt Pisgah elevation 2751“ continue down a few hundred feet to the lookout of Willougby Lake its spectacular!

1 month ago

Love this trail! From the North trail it's a short hike up but a challenging 30 minutes to the summit. Well worth it.

Great hike and beautiful view of the lake.

CCC road is right across the way from Mount P parking lot. Not a difficult find like everyone is saying here! Drive up CCC road for a while and it’ll be to your left. There’s a clear sign that marks the trail head. Did all three viewpoints early morning! Worth it. Great for beginners and families. Lots of TOADS! Watch your feets!!!!

Better view than Mount Hor! For sure a steeper trek. Make sure to go past the large flat rock for the best view point. So picturesque.

2 months ago

fun hike, great lookout views. don't be disappointed by the non view at the summit.

Nice little hike if your looking for something you can do without it consuming your entire day. The views were breathtaking of lake willoughby! Would definitely recommend this hike to others.

Très bel endroit. Une montagne avec une très belle vue sur le lac et les montagnes au loin.

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