The land that Wilgus State Park consists of was given to the state of Vermont in 1933 by Colonel and Mrs. William Wilgus for the creation of Wilgus State Park. The original park, constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, consisted of a picnic area with large flue-type stone fireplaces and picnic tables, and the ranger's quarters. The campground was developed and expanded between 1960 and the present time. Wilgus State Park is a very popular park for canoes and kayaks, since it is located on the Connecticut River. There are 2 cabins, 17 tent sites and 6 lean-to sites which are located along the Connecticut River bank. There is one rest room with running water and hot showers ($). There is a picnic area, and 3 lean-tos in the group area. Canoe and kayak are available. A trailer sanitary station is located by the ranger's quarters. This park provides day use access to the Connecticut River and the Pinnacle Trail hike provides a scenic vista of the Connecticut River Valley.

Nice quick trail. It has one nice view looking down on the river. I live close to it so I like to take the dogs for a walk on it

Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's really not a bad trail. What most people don't know is that the hiking trail is across the street from wilgus. It's pretty steep but kind of fun. The camping part of the park is good. there are some great people that work at wilgus. the lean-to's are great to stay in and they also have some really nice cabins. the woman that works the check-in window is very nice and is also a hard worker.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

A fine stroll by the river.
Still, I'm unsure why this is rated "Moderate."
I'm no fitness freak (to the contrary, a 48 yo female hybrid couch-potato/hiker,) but I found this ridiculously easy, literally a walk in the park.

It is a VT state park, and as such is equipped with campsites, bathrooms, cabins and a day-use/picnic area. I first waled this with my dogs in late March, when the park was officially closed, but signs said it was available for off season hiking. As the wooden-bar type gait was locked shut, I parked on the very generous road shoulder in front of the park, and with my leashed dogs, scooted under the gait.
Paths down to the river (which the dogs enjoyed in the unseasonably warm weather that day,) and benches to sit on made for some good photo taking of my dogs.
No jaw dropping scenery, and though I don't know from experience, gauging from the way the place is set up, I'll bet it's packed with people in the summer.
It reminds me of the informally and unofficially named "Poor-Peoples-Park" near where I grew up- where people (like my friends and family,) would go for a pseudo-vacation getaway- close to home, waterview, picnic tables and BBQ/cookout facilities for day-use, on the cheap, but not exactly a vacation destination.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Very short, very easy!