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Did this trail yesterday, great weather and a nice little hike. Added on the loop around the pond and got some beautiful views along the far side.

Awesome hike! Took about 4.5 hours. The first part (CCC road) leading up to the Maple ridge trail is very easy. I am a pretty experienced hiker and this was the hardest one in Vermont I have ever done. There were definitely some technical parts leading up to the Forehead. I would not suggest attempting any of it when the rocks are wet. Awesome hike along the ridge line where you can see the Burlington side as well as the Stowe side. The distance listed on here is off in my opinion. My Iphone said about 8 miles. The park rangers guide says 8.4. Will definitely do again at some point!

Great hike and refreshing swim before heading back down. Easy!

Great hike. Some uphill from the road, but the views are worth it. We went around the pond, and that was nice too.

7 days ago

We did this and it was awesome. Don't miss the side trips to the ski lifts to see "forever" around you. There is an unmarked but beaten path just off from the old Spruce lift. Coming back from the lit it is on your left, you can see an old shed/building rotting in the woods up the hill. You can see Mount Mansfield from chin to forehead, totally worth the extra little hike!

Beautiful day/hike. Well groomed, moderate hike.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike, not too crowded for a Saturday. Black flies were out, but not bad enough for bug spray. Adding Spruce Peak to the return leg is a MUST! Breathtaking views of Mansfield, and it is only about a 15 minute easy hike from the LT junction! Not super well marked, but just keep following obvious trails UP!

Contrary to what it says, dogs are allowed on this trail. My Pomeranian found it a lot less challenging than us huffing-and-puffing humans did! However, there were a few near-vertical climbs she needed to be carried up, and some of the pup-kour she was doing nearly gave me a heart attack. If you do choose to bring a dog, be prepared -- they must be physically fit, confident climbers, and wearing a harness you can lift them by. Couch-potato dogs should stay home or risk serious injury or lameness.

14 days ago

Great trail! The weather was great—a bit chilly up top but very refreshing (there were even a few patches of snow left!). Views were spotty because of the cloud cover, but it made for really neat fog on the pond. Our dog had a great time too! Some folks don’t respect the (very lax) leash rules at the summit/when there are crowds and one off leash dog was getting a bit rough with ours and his owner did little to control him. Be cautious at the pond for that reason. Overall an awesome hike!

14 days ago

Great workout, not a popular trail so very quite. Steep climb.

Did the CCC road/Eagle Cut-Maple Ridge-Long Trail-Chin-Sunset Ridge (approx 8.5m per the parks handout map). Perfect day and trails in good shape. Took under 5hrs including stops vs the 8hrs per the park ranger. I found Sunset to be a little wet and Maple Ridge was dry.

I climbed this solo and regretted that choice. Surely this is a trail meant for company for safety’s sake. I climbed it in the rain and had very few views. This was challenging and rewarding even without the views. Do yourself a favor and add some squats and lunges to your prep leading up to this.

I took halfway house trail to go up and reached the nose. Hiked the long trail to reach CHIN (Summit). Took the sunset ridge trail on my way back.

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19 days ago

Hiking to Sterling Pond was a fun journey but I wouldn’t say it was great. It was fun to get to an elevated lake and interesting but I think there’s more rewarding hikes around. I guess I’d recommend trying it and seeing if the hype is worth it for you, but to me this is a one-off adventure that I won’t be raving about.

This is my favorite trail I have done. my previous favorite was Franconia. This however is not for the faint of heart. In saying that I am not a wildly experienced hiker and had knee surgery 5 months ago so its doable for most.

It rained a bunch yesterday so the trail was slick, but that made it more fun. This trail starts out strong from the beginning and doesn't let up until you are back at your car. At the beginning you see that it will be steep and get a great view of the water and as you move up a bit a beautiful waterfall. The early stages are fun climbing up rocks and branches. It's steep and possibly the most tiring part of the journey. There a big rocks and caves, but the fun is just beginning. As you move higher it gets harder to climb and there will be points where if you call it wouldn't be good. The steepest climbs I have ever done. It was a blast though.

Our path was up hellbrook then up and over the Adams apple where we met up with the long trail to the chin. This part getting up to the chin was insane. Your climbing straight up and if you fall you are donezo. We went over the chin, checked out a bit of sunset ridge then down the profanity trail to the hellbrook cutover. The cut over was the worst part of the whole thing. There was still some snow on top of rocks and we were worried we would fall through it. This part of the trip was far less traversed and a pain. The way down with all the water made it very slippery, but we went slow and made it with no problems.

I could not recommend this trail more and it was so rewarding when you finally finished.

Note that the trailhead has been moved to Barnes visitor center. Great trails, but still some snow about 3000ft that was annoying. Amazing scramble to get to summit. Really like this introduction to the VT 4k.

25 days ago

Quick and rewarding hike but the rock steps will kick those legs into gear!!. Lots of beautiful little babbling streams makes this a very peaceful hike. I loved it. Take some more caution going down because those rocks can get slippery. The parking lot will fill up fast though even on a weekday so getting there early is a good idea. Definitely take the time to go to Spruce Peak and south on the LT to get some great views of Mansfield.

26 days ago

Great hike. Somewhat busy trail during the week, but worth it. Parking can be hard to find during busy times.

28 days ago

When you see hell and profanity on the map you know it’ll be a great hike. Starts off steep and leads to rewarding views all along Mt. Mansfield. It started raining when we were at the top so we took the Gondola down-I wouldn’t want to go back down in a downpour. The way to the Gondola was intense enough.


Awesome hike. Best one I’ve done on the east coast.

Fun, moderate hike

The trail condition was somewhat difficult today, the snow was semi hard and the path has been trampled, so hard with snowshoes. Was a beautiful day though and not too windy nor cold ! Long walk from the winter parking to the beginning of the trail. Will try again this summer !

Poorly marked for hiking in the snow, overall pretty challenging hike, but totally worth it at the top.

We hiked with microspikes and it was Great! We stopped just below the chin because of poor visibility. Tried to go up Profanity, but after just 5 or so minutes, the trail was unbroken and very deep snow instead.

5 months ago

The Bruce Trail is a testament to Stowe’s rich ski history. This trail was cut in the 1930s and is still in perfect skiing condition to this day. You can skin or hike it from the bottom, or you can access it from the Four Runner Quad at Stowe Mountain Resort. You will need to coordinate a ride with someone back to the lifts if you do the latter. The whole thing took about 16 minutes to ski, including the Burt Trail. This trail is not recommended for beginners, since it will involve 3000 feet of moguls on a narrow slope. But if you have the skills necessary, it’s a descent to remember.

Very windy at the top with little to no visual when we went, but still a great hike. Definitely bring yourself lots of water! Due to the traffic coming up (as we were trying to go down) and grounds being wet, took profanity back down to attempt and bypass some people and to be more covered from the winds.

bit muddy and wet. crazy views througout the hike. some tricky rock scramble sections. very well marked.

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