We only did part of it due to time, so we walked to and back from the Stratton Pond. It's a nice and chilled walk, lovely forest and good for children.
Could get really muddy and would recommend doing it on a very dry day...

Did this a week ago with the mrs and our pups. Great view from the fire tower and we hiked to the Stratton gondola to check out the views there too. Cool to walk around at the top of the resort and eat lunch there. Only caveat was that when we hit the catamount trail turn off at towards end, the entire trail was a bog. It was basically impossible to continue on unless we wanted to be miserable the last mile +... we ended up turning around and staying on the Stratton pond loop trail which spit us out about a mile or so further from the parking lot. Happy trails!

Just got back from this loop - it took a while (like 5.5 hours) and I missed the turn onto the catamount trail and ended up about a mile west of where the catamount trail comes back onto Stratton-Arlington road. Also I found the signage confusing around the pond but I figured it out.

Had a nice overnight on this loop. Started from the lot on Stratton/Arlington Rd. and went up to the Fire tower. Trail to fire tower is 3.6 miles and starts off as a nice and gradual climb for about the first half and covers about 500 Vertical feet. The last half it gets fairly steep with some technical rocks to traverse and cover 1000 vertical feet. All in all not to bad with a pack on, definitely a good workout. Great views from the tower! From the tower to the pond it is 3.7 miles. All gradual decent with mostly flat dirt trails. You cross a few nice streams for water if needed and also pass the AT shelter if you wanted to stay there. Once at Stratton Pond there is one tent platform right at the base of the trail with many other campsites all around the pond. From the pond back to the parking lot it is 3.7 miles and can get a bit confusing because the trail signage isn't too clear.You would need to head back up from the ponf to the sign that is marked as the trail to Kelly Stand Rd. You need to take that trail until you get to the Catamount trail which looks like a road for off road vehicles and is marked with blue arrow signs. You would go left on the Catamount trail. This part of the trail was extremely muddy for the first mile. Almost impassable at some points, but we made it through. This trail is a Moose highway so keep your heads up! There were tracks everywhere going both ways. Once you hit Stratton/Arlington Rd you take a left and it's about 1/4 mile back to the parking lot. This hike was done the weekend of June 10-11 2017 and the trails were all pretty muddy so keep that in mind. Otherwise it was a great hike, a great nights stay and a fun weekend in VT!

I love this loop, it's a great run with fantastic views!

Gorgeous woodland trail and with the peak makes for a full, rewarding day. There isn't much to see at the peak if you don't climb the tower, and on a summer Saturday there was a line because of people coming up the ski lift. Not a big deal, though.

Stratton Pond is beautiful. Plan on a dip in the water if you're there late enough in the season. Finally, just for flow and day/time management, I'd recommend doing the loop peak first. That way the hard part is done and you can linger at the pond as long as you like. The hike out from the pond is pretty flat.

It is a very Vermont trail as parts are from the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail

The first 3'7 miles are right up to the Stratton Mountain Fire Tower then 3'2 to Stratton Pond and then 3'7 home to the original car park

Plan on at least 5 hours depending on the start up Stratton