Only a small portion of this trail is highlighted in red on the Alltrails map. The entire trail is shown as dotted blue from Middle Granville to West Rupert, about 10 miles one way. Vermont Route 153 parallels the trail between Rupert and West Pawlet. It is lightly traveled and offers an easier ride with different views.

First time biking on trail it's great for beginners like myself. Nice gravely grassy trails with nice views.You follow alongside a babbling brook a few miles outside of Granville almost all the way to Rupert.

mountain biking
Sunday, October 09, 2016

Great, lightly used bike/walking trail. It is not paved, so a hybrid or mountain bike is best suited. Well-maintained gravel and cinders surface. There are two sections, with a break in the middle in Granville, NY where landowners closed the trail, you can ride from Castleton, Vermont to Middle Granville, and pickup the trail again just south of the post office in Middle Granville and ride to West Rupert, Vermont. It is about 21 miles total. Beautiful views, plenty of wildlife to see.