wear jeans overgrown in some areas ...follow signs

One of my favorite areas. You will want a map to get the most out of your visit here. Fairly easy terrain, some of the trails at the furthest points are very narrow or overgrown completely. I recommend starting at the meadows and, doing that loop, then going towards the water for some great views.

Dull. Trail hard to find. I did about 3 miles and turned around. Grass really high. No views. Noise from farm vehicles.

I have not done the entire loop yet but have done bits and pieces. It is easy and I love the scenery, the creek and seeing how it looks as the seasons change.

This is a long trail that follows a river and is beautiful. Lots of frogs and birds.

This loop is fairly long if hiking, about 8.5 miles. I mountain bike the loop fairly often. Other than the Perkinsville Stoughton Pond parking lot trail head listed for this trail there are multiple other trail head starting points incase anyone is interested:

There is parking in Perkinsville, if you take Maple street till the end, you'll end up at a small paved parking lot. This parking area is nearest to the power dam in Perkinsville.

There is parking on the edge of Weathersfield, off Reservoir rd. It's a big paved parking lot, there is access to the Springfield Dam and other trails there.

In Springfield, where Maple street meets the Dam Crest rd (road that goes across the Springfield dam) there is a small paved parking lot. This lot gives you the closest access to the trails near the dam and along the airport.

This is a pretty long loop but none of the terrain is very challenging. Trail starts at the small pull off dirt parking just past the Stoughton Pond dam, continues south towards the North Springfield Reservoir and dam following wooden post markers with the green and then blue arrows. After passing the dam, bear right heading North on a smooth bicycle path that runs the full length of the Springfield airport, arriving at the Perkinsville power dam recreation area. Bear right past the next gate onto the snowmobile trail, after a short walk along this field you will bear right again towards the river on an unmarked path leading out through a tall grassy area. Soon you will find yourself at a very narrow and shallow crossing area, the other side is of course being the initial section of trail you started on. This last section makes it a somewhat primitive loop but can be done quite easily with the tracking function.