I loved it beautiful views. It was just what I was looking for .

Went for a small hike with my mirrorless camera and discovered a bunch of birds. But also an Owl. Way cool.

The trails are well groomed and it is an easy hike/walk. There are several small hiking trails with some minor elevation if you choose.

The bay is awesome. The woods equally great.

Will return often.

It's easy with some fun spots. Cool little park.

Took a tumble in the woods but besides that it's a great path with great views!!

1 year ago

I went off the main path, which I thought was boring, and into the woods with the dog. Found some really nice spots along the lake, a few quick climbs and a nice lookout spot.

1 year ago

This is in fact a very interesting trail, although the trail that Mark was on is not the LaPlatte River Marsh trail.
He was on the other side of Bay road heading out toward the point--highly recommended as well.

Great little hike... You can either stick to the gravel path, or use the woods. I prefer the woods so the dogs can run around a bit. In the woods, you can follow the Clark Trail up to Alan's Hill which has a great view above Shelburne Bay with Camel's Hump in the background. There's a couple great places for dogs to swim there as well. It's also a great place for a quick snowshoe outing in the winter.