Fairly easy, short hike. A little bit steep at the start and end. Some streams to cross, but nothing too challenging. The view is okay, but the interstate below is a distraction (you can hear the traffic most of the trail). A good starter hike after (or before) Philo.

7 months ago

This was a great hike! Challenging, but enjoyable. Rewarded with a beautiful spot to take in the scenery at the top.

The hiking trails were steep at times. Short hike. The view is great and in summer a beautiful warm lake in front of the trail to cool off after coming down.

Beautiful views, nice and gentle switchbacks, for the most part, and awesome waterfall. what more could you ask for!

1 year ago

My fiancée and I did this hike during a weekend trip to Burlington over Thanksgiving break. I would definitely rate it closer to moderate, but some of the added difficulty may have been because of the wet, slippery conditions that were the result of all the fallen leaves and a recent shower. The end of the trail is marked by the "window," or what amounts to a small peak. There's a bench to sit and enjoy it from but the view is very restricted, not the expansive lookout I was hoping for. It was a nice hike and I enjoyed the waterfall along part of it, but I would definitely look elsewhere if we were in the area again. It may be a better setting in the summer and spring. 3/5 stars.

A great short hike (1.6 one-way). A great trail for dogs and for a leisure hike with a good view!

This is one of my favorite short hikes, which I also do as a trail run. It's easily accessible in the winter. There isn't a great payoff, but it's a good hike for all ability levels.

Although the description refers to hiking, this and all the audubon trails are particularly great for one thing: birding! The trails are very clear and easy to stroll through, with many great opportunities to spot a wide variety of birds.