Todays 553-acre park began with an initial land purchase by the State of Vermont in 1975. It is named for Niquette Bay, the local name for an indentation along the northeastern shore of Lake Champlains larger Malletts Bay. 4700 feet of scenic rocky and sandy shoreline along the bay comprise the parks southern boundary. The property, much of it farmed and pastured through the 1800s, is today predominately forested. Two long ridges with summits rising to over 400 elevation run parallel along either side of a flat, sandy terrace bisecting the property. This terrace, in turn, is bisected by a brook and associated ravine. This brook, over 1000s of years, has carried away sand and silt as the ravine was carved, depositing it into Lake Champlain and forming the sandy but shallow beach along the eastern half of the parks shoreline.

My husband and I brought our Golden Retriever on this short walk. We were greeted by very friendly people and our pup even got a treat. The trails are wonderfully maintained and the pet swimming area was a big hit. We saw three other hiking parties so it definitely wasn’t crowded. Loved this place!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This loop around the northern end of Lake Champlain is fantastic. The western side through the Islands on Route 2 has some beautiful vistas of the lake and the Green Mountains to the east, also the most traffic. The northern section has little shoulder but passes through the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge, a nice place for a break and quick trail walk. The eastern side has very little traffic and passes through mostly summer cottage areas. Good road surface the entire route and several opportunities for snack shopping or just scenic rest stops if you carry your own refreshments. Don't be in a hurry to finish this ride. Take the whole day and enjoy it. You can do it with a large group in June each year as part of the Friends Of Northern Lake Champlain RIDE FOR THE LAKE.

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