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This is probably the most beautiful trail in Vermont. There are views in all directions from the rocky ridge above tree line. The whole trail takes about an 2 hours round trip and the pitch is pretty mellow. If you are looking for an easy hike, avoid the more difficult trails that branch from the Long Trail such as cliff trail. These are very steep and technical. This is also a great trail in winter and it provides access to Stowe's backcountry terrain such as Rock Garden, Profanity Chute and Hourglass (not that these are very gnarly and should only be skied by experts)

Nice trail. Met a lot of people with their dogs. Beautiful day for a hike like this one. Some great views once you get to the top. If you don't want to meet a lot of people don't go here.

The view on this trail was AMAZING! My son and I did this trail in about two hours. My son is a wrestler and in very good shape, me? Well let's just say I could lose 100 lbs, but love hiking. He had to wait on me a few times to catch my breath.

The trail was mostly rocks and well marked. The wild flowers and pine smells were nice. I would definitely recommend this trail to anyone (not afraid of heights)

Lovely hike out & back with young families. Our 4-year old could have technically hiked the whole thing, but his pace would have kept us out longer than we had time for. We especially had fun exploring the rock cave and climbing up the ladder on the "rough" trail. Taylor lodge was the perfect spot to contain mobile kiddos while we ate a snack before descending. With a 4-year old, 15month old and 6 month old plus pup it took 4 hours round trip, snack included. Def would recommend!

Beautiful hike with waterfalls and babbling brooks along the way. Moderate hike with a large portion being uphill. There are areas where it's quite muddy but it's not difficult to maneuver through, lots of rocks to use as stepping stones. Rockier in some spots than I anticipated (even though it's listed as rocky). No bugs when we hiked but I recommend having bug spray on hand because it's seems like the perfect environment for deer fly and mosquitos. Taylor Lodge is at the top and is pretty cool. FOR OUT-OF-STATERS.. we've had lots of rain here in VT which is the reason for all the mud and i'm assuming accounts for the excessive waterfalls, streams and brooks so I'm not sure if this review will be accurate if the rain ever stops and we get a real VT summer.

Nice, moderate trail. As you approach via car, there are lots of private property signs. Keep going. Just as you begin to lose hope there is public parking, you will see a small sign on the right directing you up a steep hill to public parking and the trail head. No stunning views but nice waterfall and beaver dams.

There's no better view in VT