Not much in terms of views at the top of these two mountains, but it's still pleasant and you get great views of Algonquin Peak at a few spots on the way up. Did this in the winter and the route was packed the whole way and easy to follow for "trailless" peaks. The herd path junction is marked with an N and an S carved into a tree. From here each peak is not far, with Street being a bit longer. The top of Nye is pretty bland; all there is is the summit sign on a tree in the middle of a forest. Near the beginning of the hike you cross a wide stream; when I went it was iced over but other times it may be hard to cross.

Good country ski trail.

Foot trail is extremely difficult with loose rocks, trees & roots and water falling from multiple sources. If you take your time however and are up for a challenge go for it. Not for the beginner, that's for sure.

Missed the turn off to the trail. Once on the trail it was easy to follow. The water crossing was low the day I hiked.

The trail was much nicer than I expected for a wooded summit. It was faily easy to follow despite being unmarked. There were three stream crossings, so keep your eyes open for these. The second is marked by a fallen tree that you can use to cross over and the third is marked by a pile of old cannisters on the other side of the stream.

Two wooded summits. I suggest attempting later than May as the water level of the creek crossing can still be high. 3 stars for the wooded summit. Id suggest only if your going for the 46 or your down on a long weekend and dont want to brave the crazy crowds that is phelps and cascade

Unfortunately I am a bit biased on the hike for this trail. Since I heard it didn't have good views at the summit I chose to make the best of a rainy day and get these out of the way.

While the trail is not terribly long or difficult it can be made so on a slippery damp day. Since it's not marked very well there are many points you have to pay careful attention to make sure you're on the beaten path and can't fully enjoy the nature around you.

As for the few views of the other peaks near the top of the ascent, the visibility was very poor because of the weather and nothing could be seen.

Due to the slippery leaf filled trail, it made what could have been a 4 1/2 to 5 hour hike into a 7 hour one.

We lost sunlight about a mile out and without a flashlight and gps would not have been able to stay on the trail. We were very happy to get back to civilization and the parking lot without getting lost.

I would imagine this is a decent hike on a nice day but would certainly not recommend it if you're just planning on winging it. I have learned that you can never be overly prepared on a hike and to make sure to have the proper equipment if you get stuck for the night. It's fairly intimidating and nerve racking when the sun goes down on an unmarked trail.

Great hike, but beware there is a false summit that is reached and you may think you're done but that is when the actual summit becomes visible. A few tricky areas but overall was a very fun hike.