First half of hike is easy. Second half is much, much more difficult. Summit nothing spectacular. Some nice views on way up. Second half does have quite a few challenging moments- I.e, rock climbing and muddy terrain. Expect a good work out.

This trail was moderate for the first 2.3 miles but the 1.3 miles when you hit elevation was difficult since the trail is horribly marked and you get lost since it seems odd you need to rock climb to stay on the path!
The views were worth it but it took me longer than average to get to the top due to constantly getting lost!

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HARD hike. Very steep second half that doesn't let up.

Crazy! About 2 miles in is the fork to go to McKenzie or Haystack. We went to McKenzie. The last mile is straight up. Almost to the top and to the right is a small clearing/look out point. Great view!!! The top of the mountain is quite overgrown with a small viewing area. Totally worth the pain following this hike :)

Good hiking but not enough point of view along the trail.

Not much in terms of views at the top of these two mountains, but it's still pleasant and you get great views of Algonquin Peak at a few spots on the way up. Did this in the winter and the route was packed the whole way and easy to follow for "trailless" peaks. The herd path junction is marked with an N and an S carved into a tree. From here each peak is not far, with Street being a bit longer. The top of Nye is pretty bland; all there is is the summit sign on a tree in the middle of a forest. Near the beginning of the hike you cross a wide stream; when I went it was iced over but other times it may be hard to cross.

Good country ski trail.

Foot trail is extremely difficult with loose rocks, trees & roots and water falling from multiple sources. If you take your time however and are up for a challenge go for it. Not for the beginner, that's for sure.