Limited views on Street. No views on Nye. Necessary for those going for the 46, but if you're just heading out for an enjoyable hike, I'd suggest picking something else.

the hike up was nice, peaceful, and secluded. however once to the top we were pretty disappointed that all our hard work climbing the mountain was a let down with the view. so overall a good hike for both street and nye mountains but HORRIBLE views!!!

Beautiful views but difficult trail. For us it was not a moderate but a hard!

Very muddy, and slick, but a nice "walk through the woods." No views from the top, but two more off the 46 list! Nye is mismarked on the app, as it is only 0.2 miles from the junction, and Street is 0.6 miles. Indian brook wasn't super high and crossing was pretty easy. The first two miles were mostly flat and a breeze. The junction seemed to take forever to get too with a lot of elevation gain, meaning breathing breaks every 2 minutes , but once there, summiting was apiece of cake.

we came up the jackrabbit Trail hit Haystack came back down went up McKenzie mud not too bad stayed on the summit for the eclipse walk down the back side on the SOA Trail nice round trip did away with the mud and rocks on the front excellent way to finish up the Saranac 6er

This trail is a beast. I saw an Oriole and a bluebird. Saw a few hawks at the summit.