The trail is in really rough shape in many spots. Great views from the ledges. I would rank this as more difficult than "moderate" as AT has it listed at. There is quite a bit of actual climbing involved.

Trail starts out at Heart Lake, which is the best part of hike. When you get to Indian Brook you will see a Karin across from you. This is a marker for on the way back. You need to go to the right for a ways and look for another Karin. If you zoom in on the trail in the app, you can see that the brook is actually part of the trail. The trail had about 50 downed trees that you have to step over. Just about the whole trail after Indian Brook is muddy. On the way up Nye you will climb by a rock that you can stand on to take some pictures. There are no places to take pictures on the summit. When you go to the summit of Street, there are three short trails you can take to see some partial views. The trail to the left is the best one. This is an unmarked trail but the trail, except for the Indian Brook part, is very easy to follow. The is the first hike I have done that I would not consider doing again.

I was just trying to paint a picture of what this hike was like. With that said, I did enjoy the hike. It was challenging in a different way. It was almost like a bush whack at times. No markers, downed trees, tons of mud and several parts of the trail are very narrow. The hike was just over 9 miles. It took me just about 5 1/2 for the round trip.

Incredibly muddy. Dont expect to keep your feet dry crossing the stream. Not a marked trail at all until the summit so keep and eye out for the carvings at the split. If it wasn't muddy and slippery I'm sure it would've been a decent hike. Nye has no views at all while street has some small lookouts. Would not recommend unless attempting to accomplish the 46

Went after it rained. Very muddy. There is a long part that is challenging steep uphill rock climbing action almost. A bit difficult with slippery rock face. Beautiful scenic views, cool crisp air and not crowded at all. Challenging hike overall

not sure who thought it would be a good idea to build a trail up a stream but that's this trail. not a whole lot of fun really. challenging though. don't do it after a good rain super slick.

Jackrabbit was pretty muddy, however, it was worth it to take a quicker side excursion up the backside of Haystack which is far less steep than the southern side. Mckenzie had lots of run off and was muddy, but it was well worth the challenge and quick views on the way up. Beware of the false summits. There is a sign waiting for you at the finish if you have any question.

Was a nice trail. Don't bother trying to keep your feet dry. Just enjoy the hike. Think we counted 4-5 stream crossings, pretty muddy up top. Hiking at a decent pace, it took just about 3 hours to summit both peaks and return to the split.

A great hike with some excellent views! the first 1.5 miles or so is extremely easy, with a lot of it being what looks like a private dirt road. The next mile and a half after turning right off the jackrabbit trail gets very difficult with a near straight incline. If you hike after the rain, many parts of the trail will be a creek and extremely muddy which can make it tough. Overall a very fun and challenging short hike.

Was looking for a moderate hike to do if the weather wasn't the best because it was forecasting scattered thunderstorms. After reading some reviews that McKenzie didn't have the greatest views anyways I decided to give it a shot. Trail was fairly easy just muddy up to the Haystack/McKenzie fork. It began very gradually for the first couple miles before climbing. At the split for Haystack or McKenzie the trail gets more difficult basically an uphill rock climb. The fact that it had rained all day and was raining on and off during the hike didn't help. Some parts were very slippery. Overall not a bad or difficult hike. The summit is marked with a sign and some cut outs along the way offer okay views. Took 2.5 hrs to reach the summit in very wet conditions. Attempted to take the SOA trail back down but a pretty severe looking storm rolled in so I opted for the out and back route instead.