wonderful hike. easy on the feet. be sure to preserve to the falls. they shouldn't be missed

Long waterfall is great

Beautiful falls! Took my 2 chihuahuas with me and they loved it!

Did a loop with an overnight. Hiked Lyle Brook trail and detoured to the waterfall which was beautiful. Then continues trail which is extremely overgrown with hobble bushes, camped at Bourne pond, woke up and hiked the Branch Pond Trail which is nicely maintained. Stayed on trail to the intersection with AT then turned down service road to Prospect Rock which provides a beautiful view of the mountains to the south and west. Trail continues to the paved road for a mile and a half hike back to start.

The falls are beautiful!

1 year ago

Easy trail but quite humid

Great hike. Not much for views off the mountain, but beautiful falls and wildlife. I'm a local and have been going here for years. After Irene, part of the trail was washed out but now, it just makes it that much more interesting!

Rocky trail that ends with a great view. Good footwear and poles will be appreciated on this hike. My battery died on my phone just as we got in view of the falls. Only tracked my way up. :)

Went to the waterfall just outside Manchester in the lye brook wilderness, great hike, very well maintained trail, and not to difficult at all, well worth the couple of hours to the falls

6 years ago

It was my first backpacking adventure out in the Green Mountains and the trail was pretty much level, except with the constant bog hopping, and beaver/storm damage detours it was an easy hike (in comparison to the White Mountains). The summit was only 2500 ft in elevation and there was no view except where we camped, there was a pretty pond and a view of Stratton Mountain. The wildlife is untouched here, heard loons and coyotes throughout the evening. But obviously there is no trail crew to maintain trails because it was difficult getting in and getting out to/from the campsite.